Pet Health Questions and Answers

My Dog Ate a Candle

My Dog Ate a Candle – Are Candles Toxic to Dogs?

Candles are an essential addition to many homes. Be careful where you leave your candles in the house, though. A curious dog may not be able to resist eating a candle if they come across it. Just because candles are not toxic doesn’t mean that they are harmless to dogs. […]

dog eating grass sprayed with roundup herbicide

My Dog Ate Grass Sprayed with Weed Killer

Lawn chemicals and pets are a volatile combination. Many dog walkers live in fear of their pet eating grass that has been treated with something potentially toxic, with both weed killers and pesticides often proving to be harmful to a dog’s digestive system. This article will explore the relationship between […]

My dog swallowed a slug

What Should I Do if My Dog Ate a Slug?

If your dog ate a slug, they could end up seriously ill. You should get them to a vet for a check-up, even if they do not seem to be showing any signs of physical and emotional distress. This article will talk you through the experience of your dog eating slugs […]

my dog ate watermelon seeds

Can a Dog Eat Watermelon Seeds or Rinds (Skins)?

A little fruit can be beneficial to your dog’s health, but consumption often comes with a caveat. Understanding which parts of a melon can be safely consumed by your dog is vitally important. This article will address any concerns that you may have about giving your dog watermelon as a […]

why do dogs shake when wet?

Why Do Dogs Shake Their Fur All the Time?

Anybody who has ever bathed a dog, or allowed them to play in the river or sea, will be familiar with a wet dog shake. How about a dog that is dry, though? Have you noticed that your pet tends to behave the same way when it’s completely dry? Most […]

what does salt do to a dog’s paws

Can Salt Hurt a Dog’s Paws?

The winter can be just as harmful to a dog’s paws as the summer. This is because the streets are often coated with rock salt (sodium chloride) in an attempt to melt ice, snow, and sleet. This article will dive deeper into the dangers of salt on the ground, and […]