Pet Health Questions and Answers

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why do dogs eat dirt all of a sudden?
Pet Health Questions and Answers

Is It Bad for a Dog to Eat Dirt or Potting Soil from Plants?

There are few things that dogs love more than a good potter around the great outdoors, and that includes your backyard. On paper, that’s an ideal scenario as it means that your dog will get time in nature without needing a trip to the dog park. You’ll be able to provide your dog with exercise and stimulation while relaxing or getting on with some work or domestic tasks.

are hives on dogs contagious?
Pet Health Questions and Answers

What Causes Dog Hives?

An outbreak of hives on your dog can be a pretty scary experience. Not only will it leave you worried that Fido will be rejected by some of the shallower canines in the park when his beautiful, unblemished skin and fur are coated with these unwelcome blemishes, but your cherished pet will also be in some discomfort.

why does my dog keep licking his paws?
Pet Health Questions and Answers

Why is My Dog Licking and Chewing on Feet?

Dogs aren’t big fans of taking a long and relaxing soak in the bathtub, as anybody that has attempted to clean their canine will be well aware.This doesn’t mean that all dogs are mucky pups, however. The average hound will be perfectly content giving themselves a wash by licking every inch of their body that they can reach until we can’t stand the smell any longer and get them into the shower.