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why does my dog sniff me so much?

What Does It Mean When a Dog Sniffs You?

Sniffing is a behavior that comes as naturally to dogs as eating, drinking, and breathing. Thanks in no small part to their extremely potent sense of smell, canines experience new sensations through their noses. Why do dogs sniff you so much? Sniffing enables your dog to find out where you’ve […]

why do dogs like to hold hands?

Why Does My Dog Keep Giving Me Its Paw?

Canine body language is a source of fascination for humans. We are forever assessing what a dog could be thinking and feeling based on the position of their tail (for example, does it mean they’re sick?), and interpreting whether those big, brown eyes are sad or just sleepy. One thing […]

dog shampoo alternatives
Pet Care

What Human Shampoo Can I Use on My Dog?

Few canines relish the opportunity to leap into the bathtub. In fact, the majority of dogs hate taking baths. What happens when you finally manage to convince your dog to take a bath only to find out that you’ve run out of dog shampoo? Can you use human shampoo to wash […]

how to give a dog a bath that is scared of water
Pet Care

How to Give a Dog a Bath (That HATES Baths)

Opinions vary on how smart dogs are, and how many words they understand. But, when it comes to bath time, Fido suddenly develops an acute understanding of the English language and wants no part of it. A great many dogs loathe and fear the very idea of taking a bath […]