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PetLab Review: How Effective Are These Joint Care Chews for Dogs?

A dog is part of your family. He is there for life’s beautiful moments, but most importantly is a comfort when times get tough. When it comes to your dog, you want what is best. You want him to eat high-quality food, get lots of exercises, and ultimately live a healthy and fulfilling life. Your dog brings you so much joy; you want to make sure he lives the most comfortable life possible.

Any pet owner will tell you how heartbreaking it can be to see their animal in pain. As a dog’s age, they naturally start to develop medical problems and experience pain as a result. Some common ailments that affect older dogs include:

● Arthritis

● Gum disease

● Blindness

● Dementia

Without the ability to speak to our pets, it can be challenging to know the best approach to take to help relieve pain and bring our pet comfort. A dog needs to run and play, so it is especially heartbreaking to watch a dog struggle to walk due to stiff joints. To bring your dog some comfort and allow them to live an active lifestyle once again, consider trying PetLab Joint Care Chews for dogs.

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PetLab is committed to enhancing the relationship between owners and their pets by making products that improve a pet’s overall quality of life. They recognize that every animal is different and has unique needs. They also understand that no one knows an animal like their owner. PetLab customer service is available to assist customers in choosing the right products for their pets.

Stiff Joints

Stiffs joints can have a serious impact on your dog’s mobility and ability to participate in daily activities they enjoy. Because your dog cannot tell you when she is in pain, it is up to you to look for signs of discomfort. Warning signs to watch out for in your dog include:

● Appearing stiff as she stands up

● Hesitating to go up and downstairs

● Tiring easily during walks

● Swollen knees or hocks (similar to the ankle joint in humans)

● Uneven wear on paws and nails

Stiff joints often result from increased wear and tear or due to degenerative disease. Stiff joints most commonly occur in senior dogs as their bodies do not bounce as quickly as when they were young. Certain breeds are also more susceptible to stiff joints, particularly larger breeds that carry a lot of weight. Because there is no cure for stiff joints, owners instead need to focus on improving symptoms.


Dogs with stiff joints often require a controlled environment to run and play, so they do not overexert themselves. Consider giving your dog a few minutes to run in an open space before returning him to his leash to control his activity level. Also, consider avoiding high impact activities such as dog parks or fetch.

Many animals find relief from stiff joints when you immerse their bodies in the water. Using water to bring comfort to stiff joints is known as hydrotherapy. Because water creates buoyancy, it relieves the pressure on your pet’s joints and allows them to move easier and extend their range of motion. If you have access to a private pool or live by a body of water that is safe for swimming, consider water therapy for your dog to help decrease pain, increase blood flow and ultimately improve your pet’s quality of life.

PetLab Joint Care Chews

PetLab Joint Care Chews for Dogs help maintain and improve joint function and bring pain relief to dogs so they can regain control of their bodies and improve their overall quality of life. Active ingredients in the joint chews include:

● Glucosamine to helps lubricate joints

● Green-lipped muscles to help fight joint soreness

● Salmon oil to maintains healthy joints

● Tumeric to combat joint stiffness

● Calcium to improve bone strength and mobility

PetLab Joint Care Chews for dogs can help improve your pet’s overall quality of life by easing joint stiffness and promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Senior dogs, dogs with arthritis, and extremely active dogs often experience stiff joints and are in pain as a result. Such pain can make daily activities such as climbing stairs, jumping on the couch, or even going outside to use the bathroom, difficult. There aren’t words to describe the heartbreak that comes with watching your dog struggle to walk. If your dog is struggling, consider PetLab Joint Care Chews for dogs to help keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible.