Pet Care Advice

This section has a series of articles all about caring for your pet. We discuss topics such as diet, and the raw meat diet. We discuss DNA testing, mental stimulation, and taking care of your pet in the summer and in the winter.

Collection vial and swab for collecting DNA
Pet Care Advice

Should I DNA Test My Dog?

Many dog owners who have a dog of mixed breeds are many times wondering what type of dog they have. While it may be impossible to answer these questions just like that, there are companies offering DNA tests to help customers who are curious about their dogs to find out […]

Framed cartoon of shaggy dog standing in yellow and orange fall leaves with "Every Day I'm Rustilin" Printed.
Pet Care Advice

A fun news week for pets

It’s been another busy week on the dogosphere – here are the best articles that have caught my eye! Is it OK to run a half-marathon with your dog? My first question would actually be “how is it even possible to run a half-marathon at all?” – but if you’re fitter […]

why does my male dog not have nipples?
Pet Care Advice

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?

Although there are many physical differences between humans and canines, we do share a handful of attributes. We both have two eyes, we both have two ears – and we both have nipples on our chests, although those on a dog vastly outnumber our own. Depending on what breed, you’ll […]

how to trim dog nails that are overgrown
Pet Care Advice

How to Cut Dog Nails That are Too Long

Almost all dogs hate having their nails trimmed. It results in sheer terror and physical protests. Often, a dog’s aversion to nail trims stems from a traumatic and painful experience when they were young. It’s hugely important to ensure that there are no scary occurrences during the puppy years, as […]