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Should I DNA Test My Dog?

Many dog owners who have a dog of mixed breeds are many times wondering what type of dog they have. While it may be impossible to answer these questions just like that, there are companies offering DNA tests to help customers who are curious about their dogs to find out what they want to know.

Thanks to the results of this DNA, owners can bring them to the veterinarian to check them and find out about potential health issues. The prices are affordable and start from $60 onwards.

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Editor’s Best Pick

Whatever the reason for making a DNA test is, you need to make sure that you find the best company which will give you the best results. One of the most reputable in this industry is DNA My Dog. They are far more affordable than the rest of the competition. Their results are also extremely accurate and have a customer service team to answer any questions you may have.

Furthermore, DNA My Dog donates money to dog charities in the USA and Canada, which means that they truly care about the animal world. If you wish to know more details about them, click here to read an expert review which has all the pros and cons. DNA My Dog has almost 100 breeds in their database, so unless your dog is mixed with many others, the results will be extremely accurate.

Now, let’s check out some of the reasons as to why you should DNA test your dog.

The Experience of Owners

A dog owner has shared his experience using multiple DNA tests to detect his dog’s heritage. The tests used were the Wisdom Panel, Canine Heritage Breed Test, and DDC Veterinary. The owners explain that the process itself was very easy and after completing the tests and giving them back to the company, the results usually came about two to four weeks. The Wisdom DNA Test was the quickest of the four. Interestingly, the results were quite out of the line, and the three tests claimed it is Siberian Husky/ German Shepard, the Wisdom Panel test showed the dog was a Border Collie. As claimed on the test, the results from the DNA tests are purely for informational purposes, and only to satisfy the owner’s curiosity.

DNA Test Benefits

The benefits of doing a DNA test to your dogs are numerous. You can find out some valuable information about your dog, such as some potential health issues that you can further discuss with a veterinarian. For instance, boxes are prone to cancer, while Dobermans can develop bleeding disorder. Many veterinarians suggest doing a DNA test to find out how to create food specialized for your dog according to the dog’s breed. Dogs that have a predisposition for arthritis should eat food that contains ingredients that prevent dogs from developing this disease.

Prevention Using DNA Tests

Knowing all of these things in advance can help you prevent them after observing them together with the veterinarian. There are also other things that you may want to know about your dog, such as how big it will grow or if it’s going to have some abundance of energy. After all, most of the DNA tests are affordable and won’t leave you empty-pocketed. Since the dog is like a member of the family, it’s good to know more things about it, such as its ancestry and the mixture of breeds. Also, this information will be helpful both for you as an owner and for the dog as well. Especially when it comes to health issues, detecting and preventing some of them can save lives.