Framed cartoon of shaggy dog standing in yellow and orange fall leaves with "Every Day I'm Rustilin" Printed.
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A Fun News Week for Pets

It’s been another busy week on the dogosphere – here are the best articles that have caught my eye!

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Is it OK to Run a Half-Marathon with Your Dog?

My first question would actually be “how is it even possible to run a half-marathon at all?” – but if you’re fitter than me, That Mutt has published the ultimate guide to taking your doggo along for the ride run.

It covers how to know how far your dog can run, how to find dog-friendly events, and some equipment to consider investing in.

Woman Athlete in shorts and baseball cap with several water bottles on Running Path with Brown Labrador on a leash
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How to Help a Bereaved Dog

When a dog passes away, it’s obviously devastating for you…but it can be equally difficult for other dogs in the household.

Dogs need to grieve too, and if you follow the advice in this beautiful article from Lottie’s Dogs you can both help each other through this sad and difficult time.

Dog Parks: Merriment or Mayhem?

If you want to get a fierce/spirited debate going, just ask professional dog trainers what they think of dog parks!

Nicole Wilde has written a great article about the dangers of dog parks, but some commenters have very different viewpoints.

I can see both sides and won’t be weighing in, but reading these perspectives could help you make up your own mind if you’re not sure whether you should be visiting dog parks with your furry friend or not.

Free Printable Wall Art for Dog Lovers

I’m not crazy about seasonal art and haven’t changed the pictures in my own home for years, so I wasn’t prepared to be impressed. But some of the artwork rounded up by Kol’s Notes is just amazing:

Framed cartoon of shaggy dog standing in yellow and orange fall leaves with "Every Day I'm Rustilin" Printed.
Every Day I’m Rustlin’

Best of all, they’re free: you can download the PDFs to print yourself. Off to find a printer after this next link…

Janey Lowes is Saving Sri Lanka’s Street Dogs

Not all dogs are lucky enough to have devoted owners to pamper them. In fact, some have lives that would leave any dog lover (or anyone with a heart) in tears.

Still, that doesn’t mean we do what we should to help. Luckily there are people like Janey Lowes in the world, who (as interview in The Paw Post explains) couldn’t stand by and decided to dedicate her life to helping Sri Lanka’s street dogs.

It’s a sad but inspiring story that needs more attention.

Enjoy this week’s links!