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Can You Take a Pet Carrier in an Uber? | Yes, and Here’s How to Do It

Transporting your pet when you don’t have a car can be a challenge. Whether you’re going on a trip or to the veterinarian, sometimes we have to bring our furry friends with us. Luckily, you can take a pet carrier in an Uber.

Does Uber allow dogs? Yes! However, Uber’s policy allows drivers to say no to pets so long as they aren’t service animals. Therefore, you’ll need to find a driver who allows your pet into their car.

We’ll discuss how to do this below, alongside some top tips for making the experience pleasant for you and your driver both.

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Uber Pet Policy

Uber’s pet policy allows you to bring one pet on Pet Friendly Rides, which you can request using UberX. Unfortunately, Pet Friendly Rides come at an additional cost.

Although Uber themselves don’t have limitations that go further than this, they leave the decision up to the drivers.

Pet Traveling in the Car
Small dogs are best for travel by car

For instance, a driver might decide that they’re okay with small pets but not large dogs in their vehicle, or to ban specific animals or dog breeds.

The driver can also charge you a cleaning fee if their car is messy after your ride, but this shouldn’t be a problem for most pets kept in carriers.

Just remember to clean up after your pet if they do happen to make a mess.

Uber versus Lyft Pet Policy

FeeAdditional FeeNo Extra Fee

Request Pet Friendly Ride from the Uber App

  • Book Ride in Lyft App
  • Call Lyft Driver and ask if pets permitted in that particular Lyft driver’s car

Additional Information

  • Pet Friendly Ride assumes one small pet – cat or dog
  • If more than one pet, an unusual pet, or a large pet, then the Uber Driver may refuse service; the Uber driver can use discretion
  • Pet should be on lease, harness, or in a pet carrier
  • You may be charged a cleaning fee
  • If the Lyft Driver refuses to accept the pet, then you must cancel the ride and request another
  • Lyft will refund ride cancellation fees
Service AnimalsService animals always allowedService animals always allowed

What do Uber Drivers Think about Picking up Pets?

Uber drivers seem to have mixed opinions about picking up pets. For the most part, they seem fine so long as the pets are contained, well-behaved, and don’t make messes.

The biggest pushback seems to be with large dogs, possibly because they can’t be kept in carriers like smaller animals or because the drivers are unused to or afraid of them.

Large Dog Ride in Car
Don’t put the dog in the front seat while traveling

Some Uber drivers dislike Uber’s pet friendly rides and are quite irate as they don’t seem to check the rides they’re accepting. It seems that Uber makes a driver pet-friendly by default and they have to change the setting themselves if they don’t want to allow pets in their vehicle.

We recommend messaging your driver to be extra sure that they know you’re bringing a pet, along with what kind of pet you’re bringing. Let them know that your pet will be kept in a carrier as well.

Can You Let Your Pet Out of the Carrier in an Uber?

You should check with your Uber driver for a specific answer to this question, as it’s up to their discretion, but we advise keeping your pet inside the carrier while in the vehicle.

Dog Sitting in Front Seat During Traveling
Avoid putting your pet in the front seat

This helps to keep the driver’s car clean and avoid having to pay a cleaning fee at the end of your ride. It also keeps your pet contained, which is the best way to keep them and you safe during your travels.

An uncontained pet might distract the driver by moving around or trying to climb into the front seat. They’re also at greater risk of injury if you happen to get into a car accident.

Taking a Pet Carrier in an Uber

1.     Gather your pet and supplies

The first step to taking your pet carrier in an Uber is to gather your pet and their supplies. Some things you may consider taking are:

  • Collar or harness
  • Leash
  • A blanket to line the bottom of the carrier (see also ‘What Do You Line A Pet Carrier With? [Explained]‘) or a chew toy for your pet’s comfort 
  • A puppy pee pad to line the bottom of the carrier if you’re worried about them having an accident
  • Any medications your pet has for carsickness or anxiety
  • Water and a bowl for longer trips
  • Cleaning wipes to avoid cleaning fees after the ride
  • Anything you’ll need when you arrive at your destination

Your goal is to make things as easy on your pet, yourself, and the driver as possible! Anything that helps accomplish this is a great thing to bring with you.

We suggest getting this all together before you request a ride so that you don’t keep the driver waiting. Keep your pet close by as well so that you can find them easily, but it’s all right to wait until the driver is close before placing them in the carrier.

If your pets are like my cat who scratches at the carrier until we get in the car or my dog who begins jumping off the walls when he hears the word “ride,” it might be better to wait!

2.     Request an Uber

Next, request a pet-friendly Uber using UberX. This comes at an additional cost, but rides outside of this program don’t allow you to bring animals.

3.     Contact your Driver

After you’ve requested your Uber, contact your driver and let them know what kind of pet you have. Tell them that they’ll be kept in their carrier as well.

This extra step will help to ensure that your driver knows what to expect, and will prevent you from having to request another driver later on if they don’t want your pet in their car.

As we discussed before, drivers can exclude certain types of pets even if they’re listed as a Pet Friendly Ride. Though this is less likely with a pet kept in a carrier, it’s best to make sure beforehand.

4.     Keep your Pet on their Best Behavior

While in the driver’s car, be sure to keep your pet on their best behavior. Try to keep them quiet and leave the driver’s car as clean as it was when you got in.

Pet-Friendly Car Driver
All passengers should be courteous while traveling

This will keep you from being charged a cleaning fee. It also makes the driver more likely to continue letting pets into their vehicle, which is good for everyone who uses Uber and has a furry friend of their own.

5.     Leave a Tip!

Uber Drivers don’t have to be pet friendly, and doing so can be a hassle for them. We suggest tipping your driver a little extra to show appreciation!