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11 Tips for Taking an Uber Ride with your Dog

Taking an Uber is super convenient in most situations. But what if you want to bring your dog with you? Is that even allowed?

Uber allows its drivers to choose whether or not to allow a dog into their vehicle, with the exception of service dogs. When riding in an Uber with your dog, the most important thing to do is be courteous. Keep the vehicle clean and free of damage, and ensure your dog behaves during the trip.

It doesn’t have to be stressful to take your dog into an Uber. The following commonly asked questions, along with our tips and tricks, will help you on your journey.

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Table of Contents:

Are there dog-friendly Ubers?

Are There Dog Friendly Ubers

Yes, there are dog-friendly Ubers!

However, not all Ubers are dog-friendly.

Your driver has the choice of whether or not to allow your dog into the car, so be sure to contact them as soon as they accept your booking and ask whether or not it’s okay to bring your pup.

You’ll have a better chance if you let them know your dog will remain in a carrier or crate, but many drivers allow un-crated dogs as well.

Can Uber refuse dogs?

Uber drivers can refuse to allow dogs in their vehicles. They can also put restrictions on allowing dogs into their vehicles, like saying you can only bring crated dogs inside.

Drivers are using their personal cars, and some people aren’t comfortable allowing pets inside. They may have had bad experiences, or be worried about a mess.

If your dog were to pee on the seat, for example, the driver would likely spend the rest of their day cleaning their vehicle rather than picking up other riders.

Although you would be charged a fee for this, it probably wouldn’t make up for the lost revenue plus the inconvenience of cleaning the car.

With this in mind, pave the way for future passengers with pets by ensuring your pup is an easy passenger. Try to keep them calm, quiet, and contained during the ride, and don’t leave any mess behind.

Can Uber refuse service dogs?

Most Uber drivers cannot refuse service dogs. It’s against the law for them to do so.

The only exception is if they have an exemption certificate. This applies to drivers who have a medical reason for not allowing dogs into the vehicle.

Unfortunately, an Uber driver can refuse to transport an emotional support animal.

What do Uber drivers think about picking up dogs?

Riding in Uber With Your Dog Tips

A quick look into Uber drivers on Reddit tells us one thing: Uber drivers want you to be honest about your dog!

The top complaints from drivers are about people who they feel lied – whether they didn’t believe a dog was a service animal, or they felt deceived when it comes to the dog’s size.

It seems the best thing to do is give the driver as much information as possible about your dog. Tell them what size or breed your dog is beforehand, so they aren’t surprised when they arrive.

And, it shouldn’t have to be said, but don’t lie and say you have a service dog if you don’t. This doesn’t just hurt your driver—it hurts disabled people by furthering stigma.

11 Tips for taking an Uber ride with your dog

Tips For Taking an Uber With Your Dog

#1: Ask your driver if they’re okay with dogs

It’s best to ask your driver if they’re okay with dogs in advance. This way, you can cancel your ride and find a new, dog-friendly one if need be. If this is the case, you won’t be charged for the canceled ride.

If you don’t tell your driver about your dog in advance, you risk them saying no once they’ve already arrived. This wastes both yours and the driver’s time.

#2: Tip your driver for allowing your dog in the car

This isn’t absolutely necessary—but it’s good to show that you appreciate drivers who allow pets to ride along. Your driver is using their own vehicle, and they didn’t have to allow your dog inside.

You might also tip a bit extra if your dog was a bit difficult during the ride. For example, if they are nervous in the car and whined the entire way, you might want to give the driver an extra thanks.

#3: Request UberX, not UberPool

In an UberX, you ride alone, while UberPools allow you to carpool with others heading to the same location.

Unless you’re riding with a service animal, you shouldn’t bring a pet with you in an UberPool. Request an UberX instead.

#4: Bring a crate or carrier for your dog

If possible, bring a crate or carrier to contain your dog. This helps prevent messes and also keeps your dog contained so that they aren’t roaming the car or bothering the driver. It’s also safer for your dog in the event of a crash.

#5: Bring something to cover the seat

Uber Riding With Dogs Tips

Old blankets work well for this! Uber actually requests that you bring a seat cover, so even if your dog is in a crate, you should bring something to put underneath. It also gives you extra insurance when it comes to messes!

#6: Keep things tidy

Uber drivers can charge you a cleaning fee if your dog makes a mess. If your dog causes damage to their vehicle, they can charge for that, too.

It’s not a bad idea to bring cleaning supplies, such as a pack of wet wipes, in case your dog has dirty feet or something needs to be quickly wiped down. Your driver might also be able to provide cleaning supplies, so if there’s a mess, ask!

#7: Strap your dog in if they’re not crated

Your dog should always be restrained in any vehicle. Loose dogs could climb into the front seat or otherwise distract the driver.

In addition, keeping your dog strapped in is safer so that they aren’t thrown around if the driver has to slam on the breaks—or worse, the car crashes.

#8: Try your best to keep your pup quiet during the ride

Some dogs are nervous in the car, and you may not be able to prevent them from whining during the ride.

But your dog should not be barking during your trip. Keep them as quiet as possible.

This is courteous to the driver, and also helps stop them from getting distracted!

#9: Make sure your dog behaves!

Your dog should be trained to behave themselves while riding in the car. If your dog is a puppy, or otherwise prone to misbehavior, do your best to keep them in line.

This might be as simple as crating them so that they aren’t bouncing around or chewing the seats, or it might take more work.

Your dog is your responsibility—your driver doesn’t want to deal with a poorly behaved pup in their car.

#10: If you’re going on a long trip, prepare!

Uber Rides With Dogs Tips

You may need to ask your driver to stop occasionally so your dog can use the bathroom, or find a way to provide water for your dog without spilling it.

Whatever it is, make sure you and your driver are prepared to take care of your pup’s needs.

Also, be sure you’ve brought the supplies you need, such as a bowl or leash.

#11: Follow the driver’s rules

If your driver asks you or your dog not to do something, listen! Yes, it’s your dog—but it’s their car. Be courteous.

Like I said, taking an Uber with your dog doesn’t have to be stressful! We hope you’ve taken a thing or two from this article, and feel prepared for your trip.