Review of the Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier
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Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier Review

Pet owners are more conscious than ever about buying a pet carrier that provides safety and comfort. The Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier has these features, and it also looks great!

Designer pet carriers are becoming more popular, and the Sherpa Pet Carrier fits the bill. But, it offers more than just a sleek look. It’s one of the most popular pet carriers on the market – and for a good reason!

This carrier is highly-recommended by several trusted organizations. It’s praised for its safety features and the comfort it provides for your pet. It has practical travel uses. So, whether you’re going to the vet or on a long road trip, the Sherpa Carrier can fit your needs.

Sometimes, the ‘original’ model of a product is always going to be the best. The Sherpa Deluxe carrier has a lot to offer, including extra features you and your dog (or cat!) will love, but is it the right carrier for both of you?

Learning more about its features and how it can keep your pet safe will make it easier to decide.

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Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier Review

This is a highly-recommended product with many uses. You can take it with you anywhere you go and take comfort in knowing your pet will be safe the whole time.

With so much high praise, is this carrier worth it? This review will dig deeper into the features of the Sherpa Original Deluxe. Having a better understanding of those features will allow you to decide if it’s right for your pet.

Sizes, Dimensions, & Colors

For a pet carrier that offers this much comfort and safety, the wide variety of colors is an obvious bonus.

Small Sherpa Pet Carrier

  • Dimensions:  15 inches long, 8.5 inches high, and 10 inches wide.
  • Suggested pet weight is up to 8 pounds.
  • Available colors for the small size are Paisley, Plum, Black, Brown, and Gray.

Medium Sherpa Pet Carrier

  • Dimensions:  17 x 11 x 10.5 inches.
  • Suggest weight is up to 16 pounds.
  • Available colors for the medium size are Paisley, Plum, Black, Brown, Gray, Blue, and Purple.

Large Sherpa Pet Carrier

  • Dimensions:  19 x 11.8 x 11.5 inches.
  • Suggested maximum pet weight is up to 22 pounds.
  • Colors include Red, Paisley, Plum, Black, Brown, and Gray.

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What Are the Safety Features?

One thing that makes the Sherpa Original Deluxe carrier stand out from the competition is its safety features. This carrier comes with praise from several notable organizations. This includes the ASPCA and Humane Society. It is also often recommended by veterinarians.

Those recommendations are due to several prominent safety features, including:

  • Ventilated sides: Proper ventilation is critically important. It keeps your pet cool and makes it easier to breathe. The mesh sides also give your pet a chance to look at their surroundings and make it easy for you to see them at all times.
  • Locking zippers: If you’re traveling, you always want to make sure your pet can’t get out of the carrier. The locking zippers on this bag ensure that your pet will stay securely inside and won’t be able to break through the zippers.
  • Seat belt strap: This carrier comes with a nylon strap that makes it easy to attach to a seatbelt in the car. If you’re going on a road trip or just a vet visit, this can be a big help. It will ensure your dog or cat doesn’t slide around the seat and risk falling.
  • Reinforced handles and bottom: Because it’s made for travel, durability is essential to the structure of the Sherpa Original Deluxe carrier. That’s why the bottom and handles of the bag have been reinforced. You don’t have to worry about handles breaking off or tearing, or the bottom falling through while your pet is inside.

Is it Comfortable for My Pet?

Besides safety features, most pet owners want to make sure their dog or cat will enjoy being inside a carrier. So, comfort can be a big deal, especially when you’re traveling with a nervous animal.

If you have a dog or cat who has a hard time getting in carriers or crates, you can use the top entrance to lower them. This usually keeps animals calm when they’re being put into a carrier. You should never have to force a pet into a carrier if they don’t want to go through the front entrance.

Other features for your pet include a faux lambskin liner, which is washable. It’s also leak-proof. So, if your pet has an accident while in the carrier, they don’t have to worry about sitting in their mess, and you don’t have to worry about embarrassment from a leaky carrier!

Again, the mesh siding makes this a cool and comfortable carrier for your pet. They won’t get overheated and will love being able to see you.

Is It Suitable for Air Travel?

Not all pet carriers are suitable for taking on a plane. However, the Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier is an airline-approved carrier. You can put it right underneath airline seats to have your dog or cat with you at all times.

It’s great for any type of travel. You can take it with you in the car and ensure your pet will be secure no matter how long of a trip you’re taking.

It’s not necessarily a kennel. But, because of its size and shape, as well as the entry points, some pets enjoy it as a small ‘home.’ You can get your dog or cat used to being in the carrier by having it in your home for them to try.

It can become a safe haven for them. Getting them used to the carrier before taking it on a long trip is a good idea, so make sure you choose the right size to keep your pet comfortable.

When you’re not using it, it folds away flat, so you don’t have to take up a ton of storage space. If you want something that functions more like a kennel in your home, you might want to try the Aspen Pet Porter Plastic Kennel.

A look at the Sherpa Pet Carrier

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

With so many high recommendations, there are only a few potential drawbacks.

It’s important to weigh out the pros and cons when you’re choosing the perfect pet carrier. So, let’s take a closer look at what you should know, and how these features can affect you and your pet.


  • Removable liner for easy washing
  • Reinforced handles and bottom
  • Mesh sides for ventilation
  • Locked zippers
  • It has pockets for storage of treats, medicine, leashes, etc.
  • Suitable for all forms of travel (plane, car, etc.)
  • Leak-proof


  • Runs slightly small
  • Mesh can be torn by animals who scratch or bite at it

This may not be the best carrier for cats or dogs who like to scratch or play rough. The mesh siding is excellent because it allows your pets to see and breathe freely. But, if it’s scratched at too often, it may tear. That can put your pet at risk for escaping and getting lost.

Other than that, there are many more advantages to this carrier than disadvantages. If you have a pet who can be mostly calm inside the carrier, and you measure them correctly, you shouldn’t have many problems (see also ‘How Do I Calm My Pet In A Carrier?‘).

Is It the Best Soft-Sided Pet Carrier?

As you can see, there are many benefits to the Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier. It’s one of the best soft-sided carriers on the market and has the recommendations to back it up. It’s great for a family trip across the country or a quick trip to the vet, and anything in between.

This Sherpa carrier is a perfect example of a great balance between features for your pet and features for you. Your dog or cat will feel safe, secure, and comfortable when they’re relaxing in the carrier. You’ll feel just as secure and confident knowing about all the extra safety features. If you have to take it through an airport or hold it for a long time, the reinforced handles will stand the test of time.

We hope this review has been helpful if you’ve been looking for a quality pet carrier. If you’re looking for something collapsible and soft-sided, it’s hard to go wrong with the Sherpa Original Deluxe.

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Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier FAQ

Still have questions about your Sherpa Deluxe pet carrier or more general questions regarding pet carriers? Read through our brief FAQ below for answers to some of the more commonly asked questions.

What size pet carrier will fit under an airline seat?

When you travel with your pet on an airline, they need to be carried in an approved dog carrier – a hard-sided or soft-sided kennel. The kennel needs to fit completely under the seat in front of you and will need to remain there for the duration of your trip. The maximum dimensions for a hard-sided kennel are 17.5 inches long by 12 inches wide by 7.5 inches wide.

The Sherpa carrier comes in multiple sizes. The small is suitable for pets up to eight pounds and measures 15 inches long, 8.5 inches high, and 10 inches wide. The medium-sized carrier is for pets up to 16 pounds. It measures 18 inches long, 11 inches high, and 10.5 inches wide. The Sherpa pet carrier is an approved airline carrier.

How do you choose the right pet carrier?

To choose the right pet carrier, you need to determine your pet’s measurements and weight. Once you have this, you can then factor in the features you would like to have as well. Remember, the pet carrier you purchase needs to be comfortable and secure for your dog.

How much do dog carriers weigh?

The weight of the dog carrier really depends on the type of carrier. A Sherpa pet carrier may weigh between two and three pounds, and then you will have to add the weight of your pup to get an overall total weight. The larger the crate, the heavier it may be.

How do you know what size carrier is best for your pet?

Before purchasing any carrier for your pup, make sure to take their measurements beforehand. When measuring length, measure from the nape of the neck to the base of your dog’s tail. The height should also be measured when the dog is standing up. When choosing a carrier, make sure there is enough space for your dog to comfortably lay down and stand up as well as turn around if they want to change positions.

How do you use the seat belt strap on your Sherpa carrier?

Every Sherpa carrier is outfitted with a seat belt strap to offer more safety to your pet. To use this strap, place the carrier in the backseat with the strap facing the car seat. You can then take the seatbelt and pull the strap through from top to bottom and then click the seatbelt into the buckle. Tighten the strap to secure the carrier in place on the car seat.

How do I fold my carrier when it is not in use?

To fold down your carrier when it is not in use, remove the liner from the stability board, and detach the board from the carrier. To do this, pull up the Velcro tabs on each end. Secure the liner back onto the board and move the top of the carrier so that the liner and board are beneath the opening. You can then fold the carrier down and store it in a clean and dry place until it needs to be used again.

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