What Do You Line A Pet Carrier With? [Explained]
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What Do You Line A Pet Carrier With? [Explained]

If you need to travel with your beloved pet, then a pet carrier is essential.

Whether you’re going on vacation, moving home, or just need to take your furry friend to the vet, a carrier will ensure they travel in a safe and secure manner.

While our pets are in their carrier, we want them to feel as comfortable as possible. This means that the lining of the carrier is of the utmost importance.

A liner should keep your pet in comfort while ensuring that they’re not too hot or cold. It’s also useful if they can be easily kept clean. However, finding a liner that meets all of these criteria is not always easy.

That’s why we’ve written this article to look at what you can line a pet carrier with. There are several different options and the best choice can vary depending on your pet and circumstances.

Let’s get started!

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Pet Carrier Liner

Before we start looking at what you can line a pet carrier with, we should begin by pointing out that many pet carriers come with their own liners. This is especially the case with the more expensive and luxurious pet carriers. 

These included liners can include fleece blankets, absorbent mats, and small pet beds.

For many pets, these liners might be suitable for their needs and you won’t need to be any additional liners at all. Many of these liners are washable so you can keep them clean.

However, even if your carrier does come with its own liner, you may still need to buy some more.

If you’re traveling, you may not have the chance to clean the included liner before you need the carrier again so having a spare is always handy.

Even high-quality liners will eventually become damaged and old, so at some point, you will need to buy a replacement.

There are also occasions when the included liners aren’t suitable. For example, a lighter liner might not be enough to keep your pet warm during colder weather and a thicker liner might be too much during the summer.

This means that regardless of whether your pet carrier comes with a liner or not, you may still need to buy some.

What Should You Line a Pet Carrier With?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the different items you can line a pet carrier with. You will need to think about your pet and its needs before you decide which type of liner is best for you and your pet.


One of the easiest items to line a pet carrier with is a towel. Many people instantly think of towels when they think about pet carriers because of how available towels are.

Most households will have some spare towels lying around so if you’re ever in a pinch and need a new liner but don’t have time to purchase one, then a towel will work.

Towels do have several benefits that make them good liners for carriers. They’re very easy to clean and reuse as they don’t require any special cleaning techniques.

Simply throw them in your washing machine as you would do in any other circumstances. 

However, we wouldn’t consider using towels in the long term, especially with cats. Towels have loose fibers that can get caught in cat claws and dog nails.

This not only means that the towels will quickly become old and tatty and won’t last for long but can also cause your pet problems.

You may find that your pet likes to chew on the loose threads and this should be avoided.

For short-term, emergency use, a towel can make a good option. We would not recommend using them as permanently or when there are other options available to you.



Many pet carrier liners are made from fleece. You can find both thin blankets and thicker pads that are covered in this material.

Fleece is also commonly used for many human blankets as well and it is very popular for baby blankets.

It is a very soft material that is warmer than it may first look. You can purchase fleece blankets in a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs so you can choose a blanket that matches your carrier or simply choose one that you find cute!

Most fleece blankets are very thin so even if your blanket is bigger than your carrier, you can fold it down to fit without having to worry about it being too thick.

Pets love the softness of the material and you can use the blankets outside of the carrier as well. This can be a comfort to pets who don’t like their pet carrier as familiar items and scents can make them feel calmer.

However, fleece blankets aren’t very absorbent. If your pet has an accident or gets caught in some rain, it won’t absorb the liquid as well as a towel or other materials will.

You may want to use a fleece blanket as a top layer over something else for this reason. They can be washed but it is recommended to wash them on cold or gentle cycles to protect them.

Puppy Pads

Although these are known as puppy pads, they’re suitable for cats, too!

They can have a fleece covering but they differ from fleece products as they have a thin plastic backing as well to prevent any liquid from soaking through the pad.

They’re a great option for nervous pets that may soil themselves or pets that just like to get dirty!

Puppy pads aren’t very breathable because of the plastic backing, however, so they can cause your pet to get too hot.

If you use a puppy pad, make sure that you keep an eye on your pet and ensure that they are out of direct sunlight and have plenty of cool air.

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Dry Fur Pads

Our final option is a liner that was specifically designed for pet carriers.

Puppy pads are great at protecting surfaces from getting wet but they can remain soggy and wet in their own right. This isn’t comfortable for a pet if they’re going to be sitting on it for several hours.

Dry fur pads act to draw any moisture away from the top layer and to remain dry. They have multiple layers and are pretty thick, ensuring your pet will have a comfortable surface to lounge on as they travel.

Their thickness also means that they’re less likely to move around and become ruffled if your pet can’t stay still when they’re inside the carrier.

If your pet likes to dig into things they may manage to damage these pads and make some holes, however.

Sharp claws can make holes in the top layers so you may want to avoid these if that sounds like your pet!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we considered what you should line a pet carrier with.

We looked at several different options and considered their advantages and disadvantages. In many cases, the best liner depends on your pet and your circumstances.

We hope that you found this article informative and that your pet will be comfortable in its carrier!

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