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What Are the Best Dog Carriers for Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas are more than just adorable pets. Small but perfectly formed, they often need a lot more love, care, and attention than other dogs. That’s why many owners invest in a personal dog carrier. But which is the right one for your chihuahua?

There are many to choose from, including carrying pouches, tote bags, and chic slings, to name just a few. The thing about Chihuahuas is that, while they’re small, they can get pretty feisty too. That’s why taking your time to pick out the right dog carrier is essential. After all, you want your Chihuahua to fit snug, warm and comfortable.

You also want to be able to control your dog if something happens. That could be another dog causing a scene or a distraction on the street that makes your chihuahua nervous. Combining safety with all the comfort in the world is crucial.

Another factor you’ll want to consider is the price tag. Getting that sense of style at a great price isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve searched for the best products out there for you and your dog.

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Chihuahua Handbag Carrier

here are many different types of Chihuahua carriers out there. One of the most popular among women is the handbag style. If you want a dog carrier that looks and feels good as you take your best friend around the shops or out to the park, this is perfect.

The handbag dog carrier is really for those owners who want to make a personal statement. And there are advantages to them beyond this. They’re usually pretty sturdy, have proper ventilation, and they’re built to last.

1) Kenox Tote Handbag

Kenox Tote Handbag ReviewFor those who prefer their dog carrier to be a little more understated, the elegant striped Kenox Tote Handbag  is a superb but still fashionable choice. The bag has plenty of support, so it’s not likely to collapse on your dog once they’re inside like many other bags.

The Velcro closer makes it simple to put your Chihuahua in and secure them with the minimum of fuss. According to the reviews, it’s the sort of carrier that small dogs love, whether you’re on the move or not.

It may not be as spacious as some carriers out there, but for a Chihuahua, it’s ideal. If you’re heading out for a business meet and the dog needs to go with you, this is the carrier you’ll want.

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2) The Bellamore Pet Carrier

Bellamore Dog Carrier ReviewThe Bellamore Pet Carrier looks good enough to be seen on the catwalk over a model’s arm but comes at a price every Chihuahua owner will appreciate. Bellamore has a good track record for stylish and affordable pet products.

You’ve got side mesh vents that give your dog a chance to see the world ahead as well as behind, and there are useful pockets for vital equipment such as the dog leash and ball.

This is a lightweight handbag style dog carrier that fits the bill and isn’t going to break the bank. It’s also a good option if you’re traveling long distances and want a secure place for your chihuahua.

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3) ZOOSTAR Dog Carrier Purse, Portable Handbag

Zootop Fashion Dog Carrier ReviewFor those looking for a Chihuahua dog carrier that stands out from the crowd, the Zootop Fashion Dog Carrier is certainly going to catch the eye. It’s available in stand-out pink as well as stylish black.

This portable pet carrier manages to mix elegance with exceptional functionality. Whether you’re going to a get together with friends or out to the mall, you’ll certainly look like a million dollars.

Made from synthetic leather, the breathable mesh keeps your dog nice and cool and calm as you hit the streets. There’s a hook for the pet collar and an adjustable strap if you want to carry it over your shoulder.

Although it’s aimed at all small dogs, customers have noted it’s an ideal carrier for a Chihuahua. It has plenty of legroom for your dog to stretch out after a hard day barking at the other mutts in the park. It also looks fantastic.

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Chihuahua Carry Pouch

Not everyone wants to carry around a handbag when it comes to their favorite dog. Chihuahua carrier pouches are one of the best alternatives and also suitable for any guys who have a small pooch in tow.

These models of dog carriers generally fit over the shoulder and hang down over the front. There’s a hole for your chihuahua to poke their head through and watch the world. Many smaller dogs prefer this type of carrier, and it is thought to be more secure by a lot of owners.

The brilliant thing about pouch bags is that they are hands-free. You sling them over the shoulder and set off down the road without a care.

1) Cuddlissimo Pet Sling Carrier

Cuddlissimo Pet Sling Carrier ReviewAvailable in a whole bunch of brilliant of colors, including pink, red and yellow, the Cuddlissimo Pet Sling is a great little carrier. It fits neatly over the shoulder and has enough comfort and space to keep your chihuahua happy for long journeys.

People often wonder if these are secure, especially when you’re out on the street. The hole for the head can be gently tightened so that there’s no chance of your dog jumping out.

Many nervous dogs like Chihuahua prefer these kinds of dog carriers so if you want something all-purpose, it’s a good choice. It also means you’re always facing your dog which can keep them calm.

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2) Tomkas Small Dog Carrier

Tomkas Small Dog Carrier ReviewA similar Chihuahua carrier pouch that has got rave reviews is the Tomkas Small Dog Carrier. It’s neat, made from machine washable fabric and has plenty of give in it to keep your dog happy all the time.

This one comes with a security lock that prevents your chihuahua from jumping out. The closeness of your dog means that they’re more likely to stay calm than with other products in this genre.

That makes this Chihuahua carrier an excellent choice for fractious pets or those that are a bit too curious for their own good. It’s also another dog carrier that looks good wherever you are.

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3) Alfie Pet Sling Carrier

pet sling for a small dogMixing stylishness with comfort, the Alfie Pet Sling Carrier works for small dogs, including Chihuahuas. With a depth of 9 inches, the shoulder strap makes it a comfortable product for both dog and owner.

Read our in-depth review of the Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Reversible Pet Sling Carrier.

There’s a security strap if you’re worried about your dog jumping out the bag. It comes in a range of subtle colors including gray and pink.

What people like about this kind of sling carrier is that it keeps your dog reasonably loose against the chest so you can keep an eye on it while retaining comfort. If you’re riding a bike, it’s a safe and secure way to travel with your dog.

This particular dog carrier also can take a much bigger animal, up to 14 lbs. Most reviewers point to the high level of comfort that makes it just right for small dogs.

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Chihuahua Tote Bags

Tote bags for dogs are only a good idea when you have a well-behaved animal that isn’t likely to jump out. They’re also only really useful for short distances.

The good news is there are plenty of alternatives. These include Chihuahua sling bags, which are have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

iPrimio Dog Sling Carrier

iPrimio Dog Sling Carrier

This papoose sling-style carrier for dogs easily goes over the shoulder and will keep your chihuahua safe, comfortable, and secure. The sling is made from soft cotton and polyester material and features a safety clasp that can be used to prevent your dog from jumping out.

It is machine washable, which is a huge plus. It is great to have for walks or any other outing where you take your best furry friend with you.

The sling’s pouch is 20″ wide by 14″deep, and the shoulder strap is 26″ long. You can choose from various color options, including black, gray, navy, and pink.

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Chihuahua Backpack

Backpacks for dogs are becoming more and more popular. They are lightweight and simple to wear, keep your chihuahua secure, and are easily affordable.

The major issue you need to consider is the positioning of your dog, as they will most often be behind you. A lot will depend on how your chihuahua reacts and whether being out of your sightline makes them nervous.

We suggest that you try out a friend’s backpack carrier before you finally commit to this type of product. The truth is that most dogs, including Chihuahuas, get used to this mode of travel pretty quickly. So, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

These have become a lot more popular in recent times. That might be down to so many millennials using them for practically everything. If you’re looking for an excellent all-around carrier for your chihuahua, there’s not much to be said against this variety.

1) Lemonda Portable Space Capsule Backpack

Anzone Portable Space Capsule Backpack ReviewThe Lemonda Portable Space Capsule Backpack is the kind of funky dog carrier that everyone loves. The round window gives your Chihuahua the chance to look out at the world and what’s passing by.

It’s also a sturdy looking backpack with a top handle which means you can carry it as a normal bag. It comes in a range of fashionable colors and is eco-friendly to boot. The Anzone Portable is made from polycarbonate plus and has a very comfortable lining inside.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and well padded which means they’re comfortable. The waterproof outer shell is also a big bonus if you want to take your Chihuahua out in the rain. All in all, this is a stylish and eye-catching dog carrier.

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2) Cozy Cabin Dog Backpack

Cozy Cabin Dog Backpack ReviewIf you want a backpack that you can wear from the front, the Cozy Cabin Dog Backpack may well fit the bill and tick all the boxes. It’s small and comfortable and just the right size for your Chihuahua.

Your dog’s head pokes out through a neat opening, and the twin shoulder straps give you a secure fitting across the chest. The front opening can be adjusted using a simple drawstring that is safe and clean.

For a small backpack, this is pretty sturdy and great for traveling all over the country. It also looks the part and is easy to store and clean.

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3) Pet Ami Premium Pet Carrier

Pet Ami Premium Pet Carrier ReviewFor those that want something more robust in which to carry their Chihuahua, the Pet Ami Premium Pet Carrier delivers on all fronts. It looks a little bulkier than other products in the same category but provides a comfortable ride at all times.

This is ideal if your Chihuahua prefers a little extra leg room. It can double as a carrier for traveling on flights or long journeys. It’s well ventilated with a lot more air flow than other dog backpacks and comes with a strong safety strap.

This is the kind of Chihuahua backpack your need to invest in if you’re an outdoors type. It will undoubtedly have a lot more uses than you think and most reviewers find it an indispensable buy.

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Chihuahua Flight Carriers

Traveling to and from a destination on a jet plane can be difficult for pet owners. If you need to take your favorite pooch with you from one city to the next, a good flight carrier for small dogs is imperative.

Not only do you want to make sure your chihuahua is comfortable, but you’ll also be looking for excellent security as well. Many airlines allow small dogs to travel with passengers, but you have to meet their regulations.

If this is something you are doing for the first time, make sure you pick the best kind of dog carrier from the start. The good news is there is a lot to choose from if you have a Chihuahua. Sturdy dog carriers can be used for various travel needs apart from flying, and they’re well worth the investment.

1) Youthink Pet Wheels Carrier

Youthink Pet Wheels Carrier ReviewShould you be searching for something bigger when traveling, the substantial may tick all the boxes. It gives your dog a smooth ride into the airport if you’re about to catch a flight.

With breathable mesh on either side, you can be sure that your dog won’t get too agitated once they’re on the road. It can be lifted off the wheels and carried on board with the minimum of fuss.

Meanwhile, the comfortable fleece bed will keep your Chihuahua warm and snug. If you’re traveling on an airline, however, make sure you check beforehand that you’ll be able to travel with it.

No products found.

2) Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet CarrierThis Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier allows you and your dog to travel in both comfort and style. It has a patented spring wire frame that allows the back end of the carrier to be pushed down and fit under airline seats.

It has mesh windows to allow for proper ventilation, roll down flaps, and top and side entry with locking zippers, which further adds to your pet’s security. It also features an adjustable strap, luggage strap, and machine-washable faux lambskin for the liner to allow for a comfortable soft padded interior.

It folds easily when it comes time to store it and is the perfect carrier for a fur baby up to 16 inches in length, 10 inches high, and up to 16 pounds.

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3) Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy

Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet PeppyIf you are looking for a little more function out of your pet carrier, then you will find it with this Premium Airline Approved Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy that has been approved by airline use. When expanded, it is 28 inches and has a total weight of 3.3 pounds. When closed, it is 11 inches by 18 inches and can also zip up flat into a more compact size when needed.

The maximum weight for this pet carrier is up to 15 pounds. It has a crafted roof ventilation design that allows for improved air circulation and can keep your dog from overheating while traveling.

It is made from eco-friendly and safe materials and also features plush faux fleece bedding for your dog’s comfort, a padded shoulder strap for your comfort, and spacious storage compartments.

The double expandable dual entry design makes it very convenient to use, and the double zippers allow for easy entrance on all sides.

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How to Train Your Chihuahua for a Dog Carrier

Even if your Chihuahua isn’t a complete novice and is used to being carried around, you may need to train them for a new dog carrier.

Here’s our quick guide on getting it right:

  • Select a carrier that fits the bill. Some dogs need more space than others. Shop around and pick something appropriate.
  • The next job once you’ve ordered your carrier is to get your Chihuahua used to it. Place the dog carrier on the floor where they normally hang out. Do this well before you first decide to travel.
  • Stay near the carrier and play with your dog (see also ‘How Long Can A Dog Stay In A Carrier?‘). This helps your Chihuahua associate the carrier with good things. It’s all about creating a positive exposure.
  • The next step is to lure your dog into the carrier. If you leave it open, your Chihuahua may do this of their own accord.
  • Once it makes that jump, you can reinforce the behavior by providing praise and little treats.

The key is to put your dog in the carrier for a few minutes at a time so that they get used to it. When your Chihuahua is comfortable with the carrier, you can begin picking them up and carrying them around. You can also introduce a command word and again give your dog a treat when they behave.

If you have a sling carrier or pouch, there may be a few issues getting your Chihuahua to go in for the first time. It’s all about being gentle and taking your time because there’s less space. If this isn’t the first dog carrier you’ve had, it shouldn’t take long.

Taking your time to find the perfect dog carrier for your Chihuahua makes sense. There are plenty of different products on the market today, and all you need is to match the right one up with your dog.

Chihuahuas have an attitude of their own and can difficult to please. Once you find the best dog carrier, however, you’ll discover that your pooch will love it. Then you can take them practically anywhere.

Best Dog Carriers for Chihuahuas Buying Guide

So, let’s recap and share some information on finding the best dog carriers for chihuahuas. Do you know what to look for as you narrow down your choices? Here are a few things you want to consider.

The Style of Carrier

This depends on personal preference and the type of traveling you expect to do with your small dog. If you are traveling by airline, make sure to review the size restrictions for the dog carriers with the airline before you even book your ticket.

Soft-Sided Carrier: these are the most popular carrier options because they are incredibly lightweight and easy to travel with. When they are not in use, they can be stored easily and don’t take up much space. Many of the airline approved dog carriers are actually soft-sided carriers and can fit under the seat.

Hard-Sided Carrier: these carriers offer more in the way of durability and protection. They also make cleaning the carrier much easier. These are more suited for larger dogs and often hold the dog in the cargo hold.

Wearable Carrier: these carriers allow you to keep your dog close while also allowing your hands to remain free. It is similar to a baby carrier or sling, and you can wear it on the front or your back. Always make sure your dog is comfortable and feels safe in the position.

Size of Your Dog

Now, you want to keep the size of your dog in mind when purchasing a new dog carrier. It is important to know what the weight of the dog is as well as their length, width, and height. The carrier should be large enough to hold the dog comfortably, so they can still stretch out and move around.

Easy to Clean

A hard-sided case can be wiped down easily enough, but wearable or soft-sided carriers can also be thrown into the wash for easy clean up as well. Some might even have removable and washable pads that can be removed for easy cleanup when necessary.


The best pet carrier is one you can transport easily without hassle. The carrier should be comfortable for your dog but also comfortable for you to travel with. If you take them out often, this is definitely important.


Some dog carriers even have extra storage so you can carry around waste bags or treats (see also ‘The 10 Best Dog Treat Bags For Practicality And Style‘). This kind of storage can prove to be a bonus in many situations. The compartments are also good for holding a leash, the dog’s collar, travel bowl, or dog’s water bottle.


Whichever dog carrier you choose for your chihuahua, make sure it is comfortable and secure and can keep your pet protected at all times. It’s always a bonus when it has additional features like storage options and is easy to clean.

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