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Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Reversible Pet Sling Review

If you want to take a leisurely stroll, it can sometimes be easier to carry your dog than put them on a leash. The Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture reversible pet sling allows you to do just that.

The Alfie Pet sling allows you to carry your pet around but keeps your hands free to do what you need. It’s an excellent option for the dog who likes to be constantly held. Now, you can keep them close and still do things around the home.

It’s also a practical option for an older pet that can’t get around easily on their own. If your pet has an injury or has trouble walking for any reason, they’ll be extra comfortable in this sling.

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Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Pet Sling Review

If you’ve never considered a sling for your dog, you can think of it as you might with a baby sling. But, there are several notable differences.

Unlike a baby sling, this sling wraps around your shoulder, and the pouch part rests against your hip. Your pet will be able to poke their head out of the top and look around freely.

In this review, we’ll talk about what you can expect with the Alfie Pet, and how it can benefit both you and your furry friend. Different types of traveling can demand different types of carriers. While this isn’t necessarily meant for long-distance or airline travel, it’s an excellent way to carry your pet around freely when you’re at home or on a walk to the park.

Is It Safe for My Dog?

This sling by Alfie Pet is designed for dogs up to 12lbs. It comes in one size: 10.4″ x 8″ x 3″.

It does have extra safety features so your pet won’t fall out. But, if you plan on doing any car traveling with your animal, you may want to invest in a different carrier made for travel for dogs.

The sling is designed to be used inside when you want to keep your furry friend close, but you need your hands-free. You can also use it to go on walks outside and feel confident your pet will be safe inside the sling. It’s designed for pets who are comfortable being held and like the feeling of security surrounding them.

But, if your dog ever does decide they want to get out, you don’t have to worry about them falling. There is a safety collar hook that will prevent this from happening.

The pocket of the sling itself is quite deep. So, it’s best for small dogs. Animals that are too small may not be able to see over the pocket. You’ll want to make sure your pet’s head can poke out of the top so they can look around freely and get enough air.

pet sling for a small dog

The bag is fleece-lined. It provides a lot of comfort and warmth for your pet but doesn’t get so warm that they’ll overheat. There are no hard plastic pieces or rough edges. So, your dog won’t get hurt, and can’t chew on anything hard that could damage their teeth.

Even though the design is simple, this sling provides safety and security for your pet in more ways than one. First, it’s great for older dogs or those who might have an injury. Or, you can wear it during events that might make your pets nervous, like thunderstorms or fireworks.

They will instantly feel safer and more secure knowing they’re right next to you. You’ll feel better knowing you can provide that kind of comfort, and they won’t have to go off and hide somewhere.

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How Do You Use It?

You might be wondering if a sling that carries a small dog would be comfortable. The manufacturers at Alfie Pet have taken many measures to make sure both you and your fur baby are both comfortable when you’re wearing the sling.

First, it’s made of soft, yet durable material. It’s less like a dog carrier with zippers and pockets, and more like a pouch. The newer models of the sling have an adjustable shoulder strap so you can choose how much slack you need to be comfortable.

Speaking of the shoulder strap, it’s padded. So, even if you wear the sling for a long time, it won’t dig into your shoulder and cause you any pain.

To use it correctly, you put your pet inside, making sure they can see out the top. Then, you place the sling over your shoulder at your desired height. The pouch itself will rest against your opposite hip. That will help to distribute the weight evenly, so there isn’t a lot of strain on your shoulder or back. That’s all there is to it!

When you’re not using the sling, it’s easy to store away because there aren’t any hard edges or plastic walls. You can fold it over and store it anywhere. It’s also machine washable. If your pet has an accident or if it just needs to be cleaned over time, you can throw it in the washer, and it will be good as new in minutes!

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Not everyone may be used to a pet sling, so it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into before you buy one.

Although these slings are meant to be comforting to your pet, they can be a little nerve-racking if you feel like they aren’t entirely secure. So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Alfie Pet Sling.


  • Soft fleece interior is comfortable for your pet.
  • Machine washable.
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap for your own comfort.
  • Comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Secure and roomy for animals up to 12 pounds.
  • Can be used inside or outside.
  • Keeps your hands free to do other things.
  • Perfect for older animals or special needs pets.


  • While the material makes it hard for your pet to overheat, it can get a little too warm in hot/sunny weather. It’s best to use in cooler or room-temperature environments.
  • It can be dangerous for a pet that is too small to keep their head above the top.

As long as you use it the right way and pay attention to the temperature, there aren’t too many issues to contend with. From comfort for both you and your pet to convenience and security, there are many reasons why this is a great solution for a dog or cat that loves to be held.

A close look at the Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture

Is the Alfie Pet Sling Right for My Dog?

We hope this review has made it easier to decide if the Alfie Pet sling is right for you. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with pet slings in the past. Or, maybe you’re considering one for the first time. The Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture Pet Sling is an inexpensive investment for you and your dog.

You know your pet’s personality better than anyone. Some furry friends like to be close to their owners at all time. If that sounds like your fur baby, then getting a sling for them is something you’ll both love. You’ll be able to carry them around and keep your hands-free at the same time.

This sling is also great for animals who may not be able to get around easily. It can be hard watching our pets age or have a medical condition that causes them to slow down. With this sling, they’ll be comfortable next to you and will love being able to quickly and freely move about the house (and outside) again.

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