How to select Dog Carriers for Dachshunds
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How to Choose Comfortable Dog Carriers for Dachshunds

As most Dachshund owners know, buying a dog carrier can sometimes be a daunting task. Because of their long body, you must be sure that it will have the right dimensions. There are a few dog carriers for Dachshunds that will give them the extra space that they need to be comfortable.

Just like people, dogs come in all sizes and shapes. Since the makers of dog crates, carriers, kennels, etc. use general sizes and weights for their products, it is down to you to find one that has the length that your dog needs.

Considering that your pet needs to be able to stand up, turn around, and lay down flat, but not have too much room that they could slide across the carrier, you could easily find yourself getting frustrated when looking for the right size for your pet.

The dog carriers listed below are good options for Dachshunds. We have listed different types so that you can make an informed choice.

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Types of Dog Carriers for Dachshunds

1] Hard-Sided Dachshund Pet Carriers

Although some people don’t like the thought of their pet being against cold plastic, hard carriers help to keep your pet safe. The animal inside won’t be hurt, even if you accidentally bump into something. Most plastic crates have a soft bottom which ensures that your pet feels comfortable.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel

  • With longer measurements, the Petmate Kennel is more fitting for Dachshunds. It is made of plastic and is very durable. It is unique, as it has a door that opens on the top as well as the front.

If your dog or puppy doesn’t like crates, the top opening allows you to lower them into it, keeping them calm. The doors also lock securely, ensuring that your pet stays safely inside.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel
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2] Soft-sided Dachshund Travel Carriers

Many people like soft-sided pet carriers because there is no hard plastic. They also have a little give, which allows your dog to move around more comfortably. One of the best is the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier, and it has a few extras that make it pleasant for owners.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

  • One of the best-selling soft carriers, this Sherpa Pet Carrier has ample room for Dachshunds. It is used by many people, especially when traveling by air. It is made of sturdy material, and it has a harness strap inside to keep your pet even safer.

Sherpa also thought about the owners, and they have added exterior pockets. These are for documents if needed, as well as for carrying medicines, snacks, or anything else that you may need.

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier Large Brown
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Petsfit Comfort Expandable Foldable Pet Carrier

  • Better suited for Dachshunds, the Petsfit Expandable Travel Carrier has a zippered side that you can unzip. This allows your pet to be able to move around when not traveling. It is a unique style, and many Dachshund owners like it.
Petsfit Airplane Cabin Travel Expandable Pet Carrier for Dog and Cat Under 15 Pounds, 18" x 11" x 11"
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It has both a front and top opening, allowing you to put your dog into it with ease. The bottom has a soft mat. The different sizes will allow you to get the right one, whether you have a puppy or grown dog.

3] Dachshund Dog Crates

There are times when you need to put your dog or puppy in a crate. It could be at home, after surgery or when you go out, to keep them safe. It is best to have a bigger crate so that they can easily move around, as they won’t be traveling in it.

While you shouldn’t get one that is made for larger dogs, there are crates for smaller dogs but are long enough to be comfortable for Dachshunds.


Because they may have to be kept in it for long periods at a time, such as after a surgery, you should get one big enough for them to be able to have a favorite blanket or toy in it, and can move around easily.

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets, 36-Inch
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This crate also has a carry handle so that you can take your dog to the vet or for a car ride, being able to put a seatbelt through the handle.

4] Using Shoulder Sling Dachshund Dog Carriers

Shoulder carriers are another option for carrying your dog with you. They would benefit both you and your pet, especially when you are around the house and your dog has separation anxiety. Sometimes they find it difficult to adjust to their new surroundings and tend to cling to their new owners.

By carrying them with you in a specially designed sling, you will be able to keep them with you, without them being constantly underfoot, making it dangerous for both of you. They will be able to be with you, and you will have your hands free to do things that you need to do around the house.

Dachshund Sling Carrier

Before buying a sling for a Dachshund, you have to be sure that you measure the length of your pet when looking for one. Since it isn’t a pet carrier or crate, they shouldn’t have room to move around.

They will be able to sit or lay down, and there is a drawstring as well as a harness clip to make sure that they can’t jump out. Most dogs won’t do this, but they all have their own personalities.

  • The 4 Lazy Legs Sling is longer and would accommodate longer dogs much better. Because the body of a Dachshund is thinner, you’ll likely find that a sling would accommodate them well.
4 Lazy Legs Adjustable Pet Sling Carrier, Carrier for Dog, Sand Grey
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5] Using a Dog Backpack Carrier for a Dachshund

It may sound unusual, but there are dog carriers that are made as backpacks. Usually used by people who tend to get strained shoulders when carrying their pets, a backpack carrier will allow you to carry them comfortably.

dachshund car carrier

Resting on your back, the handles going over both shoulders, the weight of the dog will be positioned in the middle of your back.

  • The Pet Gear I-GO2 Escort Roller Backpack is not only a backpack but also has wheels and a telescoping handle. If you travel frequently, you may want to consider this type of pet carrier.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Escort Roller Backpack for cats and dogs, Ocean Blue by Pet Gear
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If you like to take your dog on walks with you, the backpack will make it easier so that you can carry other things that you may need. Since Dachshunds are small, there will be little pressure put on your back. There are mesh windows so that your dog can see its surroundings. It also has a soft mat.

How to Measure Your Dog Properly

It is important to know how to correctly measure your dog, no matter what kind of carrier that you choose. If it too small, they will be cramped. If it’s too big, they may get bounced around when carrying them.

To measure your pet, make them sit and measure from the floor to their ears. Since the ears on a Daschund don’t stand above their head, you can measure to the top of their head.

Also, make them lay down so that you can measure them from front to back. It may be easier to use a towel if your dog doesn’t like to stay still, and mark the towel. Then you can use a ruler to measure their length correctly.

The width of the carrier usually won’t be a problem. If they are a bit overweight, make sure that it will accommodate their weight.

All pet carriers have a weight limit. It is best to choose one that supports just a little over the weight of your pet. If your dog is too heavy, there is a chance that the bottom can fold, and squeeze them. It won’t hurt them but will make them uncomfortable.

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