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PocoPet Review: Ultralight Pet Sling Carrier

At Pet Carrier Verdict, we love taking our pets everywhere we go. Of course, our pets love coming along too!

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to bring your furry friend on every trip. Some dogs can’t (or won’t) walk very far. Others are nervous in crowds and tend to get themselves stuck under foot.

Pet slings can be a great solution! The dog stays close and feels safe while allowing you to keep your hands free. There are several pet slings on the market, and we recently discovered a new option with great features.

PocoPet is a lightweight carrier that folds up into a tiny pouch for easy storage, and we had a lot of fun trying it with some smaller dogs. Check out our review and see if this pet sling is right for you.

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Table of Contents:

What Is The PocoPet?

The PocoPet is a packable, ultralight pet sling that makes it easy to take your small dog anywhere you go!

The inventor, Jenn, conceived of the idea while hiking. Her dog, Max, was stung by a bee and Jenn had to carry him back to the car. Things would have been so much easier if she had a lightweight pet carrier in her pocket, so Jenn set out to design her own bag.

Unlike larger pet slings, PocoPet folds up easily into its own little pouch and can be tucked into a pocket or dropped in your purse when not in use. It was intended to be compact, ultralight, small enough for a pocket, and sturdy enough to keep your pet safe while out and about.

So—how does The PocoPet hold up to the hype? Let’s find out!

The PocoPet Review

This article details our experience with the PocoPet. The review is split into three sections covering the concerns all pet parents have when selecting carriers and bags for their four-legged friends.

We’ll begin with the functionality of the carrier with a special focus on the compact and packability features. Next, the safety and durability of the PocoPet will be evaluated. Finally, the design and appearance of the pouch will be discussed. Don’t worry, we’ll throw in a few extra tidbits at the end.

Let’s get to it!

Use And Function

Maybe the easiest thing to love about the PocoPet is how quickly and easily it packs away. The simple design allows you to fold the whole thing into its own cleverly designed pouch. There’s no extra bag to worry about. The pouch and the pet carrier are fully integrated, and it’s remarkably easy to figure out!

The compact and packable promise is 100% accurate, but how does it function as a pet carrier?

Being so lightweight and foldable, you must be wondering how comfortable your dog will be inside and how the PocoPet feels on your shoulder. We were skeptical at first, but it performed better than expected.

The strap is sturdy and lays comfortably over the shoulder when the dog is inside. It’s great for hot days since there is no heavy material to trap heat next to you or your dog’s body. One side is full mesh for even more breathability.

But is the dog comfortable? Lucky Lu, our test dog, certainly seemed to be! On one walk, we even caught her napping in the PocoPet. If you want to add a little extra comfort, you can purchase a fleece liner to make your dog’s experience even cozier.

All and all, the PocoPet is a functional and easy to use pet sling that gets the job done. Simple, unique, and convenient!

Safety And Security

Safety comes first, especially concerning our pets. So, how well does the PocoPet safely secure the dog while you’re on the move?

Better than you might think! It’s true, the fabric is ultralightweight, but it is also strong. We tested PocoPet with dogs at the top of the weight range (15lbs) and it felt very safe and secure. The weight of the dog pulls the sack snugly around the animal keeping them secure inside, and the shoulder strap is more than adequate to support dogs at least as heavy.

The strap is fully adjustable to ensure a proper, comfortable, and safe hanging height near the waist no matter how tall (or short) you are. You can even purchase a strap cushion for extra comfort on long hikes.

Design And Appearance

PocoPet wasn’t trying to make a luxury fashion handbag. There are lots of pretty purses out there! But you still want to look good carrying your pup around town, right?

PocoPet’s clean and simple look may not turn heads, but it will go well with almost any casual outfit or walking/hiking gear. The branding on the front is not overbearing and the whole bag looks very natural over the shoulder and under the arm.

We received the turquoise-blue model for this review, and it looks good. However, the black version might be a better choice.

Full disclosure, PocoPet isn’t the most fashionable carrier out there. Thankfully, the compact bag and convenient, packable design is the main selling point for this handy little pet carrier.

Other Customer Reviews & Feedback

I got this to travel through airports with my dog. He enjoyed being close to me and I liked having my hands free. During our layover I had to full on run to my connecting flight. I worried about him being bounced around. We reached the gate, he was still secure and happy to be all snuggled in. I did put a baby blanket in there to make it softer.


I do a lot of hiking with my 11-pound dog and when she’s tired or we are in areas where she shouldn’t be walking, I just pop her in. I have it attached with a carabiner to my waist pack, so it’s always there. She loves it too.



small dog carried in a black pocopet

Product Details & Specification

  • Closed Size: 4 inches x 4.5 inches
  • Open Size: 17 inches long x 9 inches high x 4 inches deep
  • Pet Weight Limit: 15 pounds
  • Pet Size Capacity: 12 inches, measured from chest to rear
  • Product Weight: 2.5 ounces


The PocoPet is an excellent pet sling option for active dog owners that want to take their friend everywhere. It delivers on all the promises and lives up to the hype.

If you’re planning to take your dog on day trips this summer, consider the PocoPet. It’s the perfect options for little league games at the park, hikes in the great outdoors, or a full day of errands and activities around town.

The company also offers LED Dog Collar Lights for additional safety when out and about with your pet in dark and lowlight situations. The little lights are super cute too!

Oh, and did I mention the travel bowls? We haven’t seen these in person yet, but they’re the cutest little collapsible travel dog bowls around.

There are many different types of pet slings and over the shoulder bags available. Almost all of them are larger, more cumbersome, and considerably more expensive. Sure, they have nice features and may win more style points, but the PocoPet has unparalleled convenience.

This little pet carrier gets the full Pet Carrier Verdict seal of approval. PocoPet does everything you need a small, packable carrying bag to do and more. Considering the price, you really can’t go wrong with this clever little carrier.

We’re recommending the complete PocoPet Adventure Kit!

PocoPet is also available from Amazon.

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