How To Stop Your Dog From Digging
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How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

How often do you hear about dogs who dig holes in your yard or garden? They might even start chewing through your fence or tearing up your lawn.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to take action and stop your dog from digging. We know this is easier said than done. It can feel as though you are fighting a losing battle.

No matter what you do, your dog continues to dig your lawn without a care for the damage they are causing. 

Well, no more! Here are our top tips on how to stop your dog from digging. Keep reading to find out how you can stop your dog from digging today.

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Why Is Your Dog Digging?

The most common reason for a dog to be digging is boredom. If they have been left alone too long without any stimulation, they will naturally want to find something to occupy themselves with.

Dogs can get bored when their owners leave them home alone all day, so if you are going away for the weekend, make sure that your dog gets some exercise and mental stimulation while you are gone.

Another reason why dogs may start to dig could be because of anxiety. This is especially true if your dog is prone to separation anxiety.

A lot of dogs become anxious when they are left at home by themselves, which leads them to start digging just to fill an empty hole.

Another reason why your dog may start digging could be due to stress. Dogs who are stressed out tend to develop destructive behaviors such as barking, jumping, and digging.

 One of the main reasons why a dog may be digging is due to their hunting instinct. Many dogs love hunting prey and burrowing animals.

When it’s particularly hot outside, your dog may also dig holes to keep themselves cool.

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Dogs love to dig holes. This is because they enjoy exploring their environment and finding new things. Unfortunately, they also tend to destroy plants and other items around them.

This can cause problems for homeowners, especially those living in areas where there are lots of trees and shrubs.

You can prevent your dog from digging holes in your yard by using some simple techniques.

Keep Your Dog Entertained

The first thing that you should do is to keep your dog busy. You don’t need to buy expensive toys or equipment; there are plenty of things that you can use around the house.

Take advantage of the fact that your dog loves to play fetch. Throw a ball or Frisbee for your dog to chase after, and then throw it back again once they catch it.

When your dog is playing fetch, they are not only keeping themselves entertained, but they are also keeping fit and active.

Train Your Dog

Once your dog starts to dig holes in your yard, you must teach them what is acceptable behavior and what isn’t.

Make sure that you reward your dog whenever they stop digging. Some dogs like to dig holes for fun, so you will need to provide alternative play options.

It is also important that you train your dog to understand boundaries. Teach them to stay off your rose and flower beds, vegetable gardens, and fences.

Use A Fence

If your dog keeps digging holes in your yard, you will need to install a fence. There are many different types of fences that work well for dogs, including chain link, wood, and electric.

Fences come in various styles and sizes, so it is best to visit your local hardware store to see what would keep your size dog out.

Provide Comfort And A Safe Space 

Your dog needs to feel safe and comfortable in their own space. If they feel uncomfortable, they might start digging holes to escape whatever makes them feel anxious.

Make sure that you provide a cool and quiet space for your dog to sleep and rest throughout the day and the night.

It’s also important to know that not all dogs want to spend much time outside. Observe your dog and find out where your dog feels more comfortable.

Your dog should also have access to water and food. Particularly in hot weather, your dog will need to keep hydrated.

Some dogs prefer to eat dry kibble rather than wet food. Make sure that you have plenty of water when your dog eats more dried food.

Make Sure You Have Enough Grass

The first thing you need to know is that if you have enough grass, your dog won’t be able to find a reason to dig. If there isn’t enough grass, then the only way for your dog to get into trouble is by

One of the things you can do when trying to stop your dog from destroying your backyard is to make sure that you have enough grass in the area.

If you don’t have enough grass, then your dog has easy access to the soil. A thick grass covering may not fully stop your dog from digging but it can certainly slow them down.

What To Avoid

If your dog has started to dig up grass, then it’s important to stay calm. You shouldn’t punish your dog when they are digging.

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You should also never use any dangerous or toxic deterrents with your pet.

When your dog is frightened, they may get stressed and might start digging even more in an attempt to escape.

What To Do When Your Dog Won’t Stop Digging?

Some dogs love digging just for the fun of it. For these little diggers, it’s a good idea to keep a corner or other area of your yard to dig in.

A special digging zone will allow your dog to dig as much as they want without damaging your flowers or grass.

You will need to train your dog to dig in the specific digging zone, so each time they dig in this area, make sure you reward them with their favorite treat.

When you find them digging in another area, stop them from diffing there and then take them to their digging zone.


There are several ways that you can stop your dog from digging holes. The most effective way to do this is through training.

By teaching your dog what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior, you will be able to help them avoid making mistakes.