Best Ideas For A Dog Window Perch Product Recommendations & DIY Solutions
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Best Ideas For A Dog Window Perch: Product Recommendations & DIY Solutions

If you have a pet dog then you have probably noticed that they love staring out of the window.

Whether they are watching passers by, cats, squirrels, or just enjoying the scenery, most dogs love staring out of the window.

But what if your windows are too high for them to see out of? Or you don’t want your dogs leaning on the window sill?

The perfect solution to this problem is to get your dog a window perch.

You can buy one online if you want a quick fix. If you have a bit more time or you are feeling adventurous or creative, then you can try making your own window perch for your dog.

We have put together this list of top product recommendations along with some DIY solutions that you may want to try.

Keep reading to decide which type of dog perch would be ideal for your home.

Table of Contents:

Product Recommendations

If you don’t want to make your own window perch for your dog, there are some great products that you can buy online.

Here are our top recommendations.

1. Multi-Level Bed With Steps

Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk – Multi-Level Bed and Step System for Dogs and Cats – Practical and Accommodating for Modern Homes (DOGF60)

This multi-level bed is ideal to use as a window perch. It has two steps that lead up to a soft bed.

Underneath the soft bed is a space for another bed, so you can use this bed as a bunk bed for your pets.

It also gives your dog more options – if they get fed up with looking out the window they can climb down and sleep in the other bed.

This product has multiple uses, because you can also use it as a bedside perch for your dog if they want to sleep next to you but you don’t want them on your bed.

The steps are carpeted which is very comfortable for your dog to walk up and down.

This dog perch is 29 inches high, 20 inches wide, and 28 inches long.

Make sure you measure your window to check that the perch will be the right height. The design is modern and will work in lots of different homes.


  • Multi-level – There are two different beds at different heights for your dog to choose from
  • Soft – The stairs and the bed are soft to make the perch comfortable for your dog
  • Versatile – You can also use the perch next to your bed as well as by the window
  • Design – The style of the perch is modern and classic


  • Gradient – some customers have found that the steps were too steep for smaller breeds of dogs
Penn-Plax Buddy Bunk – Multi-Level Bed and Step System for Dogs and Cats – Practical and Accommodating for Modern Homes (DOGF60)
  • KEEP YOUR PET CLOSE, BUT NOT TOO CLOSE: The Buddy Bunk allows your pet to sleep next to you without taking up the whole bed, giving you some space to enjoy. The removable, carpeted steps are perfect for older, smaller, or infirm dogs, such as those with hip dysplasia, making it easier for them to climb up onto standard sized beds.
  • MULTIPULE LEVELS FOR CONVENIENCE: The Buddy Bunk features 2 resting spaces: one on top and the other on bottom. In addition to giving your pet a choice where they’d like to rest, having 2 spaces grants more freedom for 2 pets who may wish to sleep separately. Furthermore, you can even use the bottom space as extra storage space.
  • YOU CHOOSE THE SIDE THAT FACES YOUR BED: The safety bolsters can be positioned on either side of the Buddy Bunk. This feature prevents your pet from falling off the top bunk, along with allowing you the option of placing the Buddy Bunk to the right, left, or front side of any bed.
  • BEAUTIFUL, MODERN, AND PRACTICAL: With a cream-colored to cushion and a polished espresso finish, the Buddy Bunk will blend seamlessly with your home décor, and works great next to beds, couches, chairs, and more. The carpeted steps safely help your pet reach the top bunk, which are held into place by durable and strong Velcro, making for easy cleanup when needed, simply detach and reattach.
  • MEASUREMENTS: The overall measurements are 20” (Width) x 43.75” (Length) x 29” (Height). The piece with both resting spaces is 20” (Width) x 28” (Length) x 29 (Height). The steps are together and measure 20” (Width) x 15.75” (Length), and have a 8” rise in Height per each step. *Please see included pictures.

2. Pet Window Perch With Storage

PetFusion Pet Step Window Perch Bookshelf w/ Storage Baskets | 28” Tall Dog & Cat Perch, 8” Stair Height | Multi-Functional Modern Pet Furniture w/ Carpeted Step Pads & 1” Thick Premium Foam Perch Pad

This product is perfect if you have a smaller dog, and it is also good for cats. It looks good in your house and has a useful function as well as being fun for your pet.

It has steps, but looks like a bookcase. There is a shelf for books and the storage boxes that you could use for pet toys.

There is a perch on top with a cushion that is a perfect place for your dog to lie down and look out of the window.

It will fit into lots of different decor schemes, so whatever style your home is you will be able to use this perch. It is 28 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 39 inches long.

It only weighs 29 pounds, so you can move it from window to window depending on where your dog likes to sit.

If you want to make a bigger perch, you can buy two of these units and put them together so they mirror each other. You can reverse them to be left facing or right facing.


  • Design – This pet perch has a modern design that will go in any home
  • Storage – As well as being a pet perch it also has storage space which is very useful
  • Cushion – The cushion makes it a soft and comfortable place for your pet to relax


  • Screws – Some customers found that the wood was quite soft, so they needed to be tightened periodically to make sure that the perch stays safe
PetFusion Pet Step Window Perch Bookshelf w/ Storage Baskets | 28” Tall Dog & Cat Perch, 8” Stair Height | Multi-Functional Modern Pet Furniture w/ Carpeted Step Pads & 1” Thick Premium Foam Perch Pad
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MODERN DESIGN: (I) Pure white bookshelf with contrasting grey step pads & perch blend in seamlessly with your modern home décor. (II) 28” tall, padded window perch provides your pet the environmental enrichment they need & helps decrease anxiety, boredom, or negative emotion. (III) Two premium storage baskets help declutter your home by storing your pet’s toys, treats, & accessories or items around your house that need a home. (IV) Reversible to fit your home and space
  • PROMOTES INTERACTION & REDUCES PET ANXIETY: (I) Put by a window to help curb anxiety & connect them to the outdoor world, nature, & other animals or people walking by. (II) Great in your home office for books & storage as well as interaction with your pet while he/she perches close by. (III) Place next your couch providing your pet a stress-free way to join the family! (IV) Store toys in the baskets! Dogs have an “associative memory” that will associate the storage basket with toys & will let you know when he/she wants to play.
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL/MEDIUM DOGS & CATS: (I) 20 ½ X 11 ¾ inch perch platform provides plenty of room to relax. (II) Premium 1-inch foam perch pad provides maximum comfort. (III) 8-inch stair height allows use for the smallest dogs & cats. (IV) Carpeted step pads prevent slipping when climbing or descending from the perch.
  • PREMIUM COMPONENTS: (I) Premium E0 grade MDF passes formaldehyde safety regulations & passes stricter European REACH standards. (II) Premium 1” foam perch pad with waterproof inner liner. (III) Ultra-cozy micro-fiber perch pad cover provides ultimate comfort. (IV) High quality carpeted step pads secure to the base with Velcro strips providing safety and security. (V) Durable polyester baskets provide storage while maintaining a clean look.
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (I) Foam liner, outer cover, & step pads are machine washable in warm water (RECOMMEND HANG DRYING ALL COMPONENTS). (II) Product feet fitted with rubber to protect hardwood floors (III) 38 ½ x 11 ¾ x 28 inches (LWH). (IV) 30lb max weight for top perch & and shelves. 100lb max load for total bookshelf. (V) 12 Month Warranty for manufacture defects.

3. Foldable Dog Steps With Kennel

LEMONDA Folding Dog Step with Condo, Foldable Dog Stairs with Toy Storage Boxes for High Bed Sofa & Window Perch,Pet Storage Stepper & Safety Ladder for Cats Dogs (Grey)

If you have a small dog breed like a pomeranian or a chihuahua then this window perch would be ideal.

It is a foldable set of steps with a cozy kennel space underneath and a perch on the top. This gives your dog two choices when it comes to places that they can sit.

The whole unit measures 27.5inches long by 15.3 inches high, by 15.3 inches deep. The smaller step is 7.8 inches high. The doorway to the kennel measures 8.2 inches wide by 10.2 inches high.

You need to check the measurements compared to the size of your dog to make sure that they will fit into their kennel.

This pet perch is foldable which means that you can pack it away and store it when it’s not in use, or when guests come over and you need more space. It is also lightweight and is easy to move from window to window.


  • Kennel – With this perch your dog has two options – they can sleep on the cushion or they can curl up in the kennel
  • Steps – The steps are ideal for smaller dogs who cannot reach the window on their own
  • Foldable – This is a foldable pet perch which means that you can pack it away when you need more space
  • Maintenance – It’s really easy to clean this pet perch with a damp cloth. You can also hoover it to remove the dog hair


  • Size – This pet perch is only suitable for smaller breeds of dogs
  • Sturdiness – It’s not very heavy which means it isn’t as sturdy as some other pet perches made out of wood or metal
LEMONDA Folding Dog Step with Condo, Foldable Dog Stairs with Toy Storage Boxes for High Bed Sofa & Window Perch,Pet Storage Stepper & Safety Ladder for Cats Dogs (Grey)
  • ❤Durable & Fashionable: Modern style dog stairs,fit for any home style. Maximum load-bearing 25KG.The bed steps are stable enough for small dogs up and down without wobbling, height of the dog steps fits perfectly for pets to get on high bed, sofa, and good as a dog window perch.
  • ❤2 in 1 use,not only a step but also a condo:Soft flannel+high-elastic sponge,walking on every step of the ladder is the enjoyment of the feet.The storage box underneath could store toys and snacks. The condo with fuzzy cushion builds a super cozy rest place for dogs or cats having a nice sleeping.
  • ❤Extra Storage & Portable: This folding pet steps is not only a stair, but also a storage box for dog's clothes, toys and snacks, keeps your room clean and tidy.Beisdes, we have designed a handle, easy for you to move this step anywhere you want.
  • ❤Easy assembling and storage.Add the bottom plate, you can get a sturdy dog stairs,when not in use,you can fold it up,space-saving.
  • ❤The dog stairs can help puppies and small dogs get on and off the bed, sofa, etc.,realize the freedom of dog space and free hands of the owner.Ideal pet steps for senior, arthritic or recovering dog or cat.The pet step cushion will reduce the risk of injury in the case of weak legs or bones.

4. Elevated Dog Bed

MSmask Elevated Dog Beds Frame, Dogs Cats Sofa Chair with Drawer, MDF Board & Metal Frame Dog Furniture Modern Style

This elevated dog bed is a great option for larger dogs who like to lounge by the window.

It has a metal frame, and two storage drawers underneath which you can use for dog toys. On top of the drawers is a soft cushion which makes the perfect bed for your dog.

The design is elegant and modern, the bed is comfortable, and it will be a perfect addition to your home. It is suitable for dogs that weigh up to 110 pounds.

The bed is 11.6 inches high, 23.6 inches deep, and 36.6 inches long. If your dog wants to use the perch in the summer, you can use a cold pad on top of the drawers instead of the soft cushion.


  • Size – This product is ideal for large dog breeds up to 110 pounds
  • Storage – The perch includes two storage drawers which are very useful
  • Comfort – The padded cushion is very comfortable


  • Assembly – Some customers found that the bed was a bit fiddly to put together
MSmask Elevated Dog Beds Frame, Dogs Cats Sofa Chair with Drawer, MDF Board & Metal Frame Dog Furniture Modern Style
  • Unique Design & Elegant Appearance: Unique color design blends with your furniture. Sturdy iron frame increases stability and durability to support your medium and large pets. Gives your beloved pet the perfect place.
  • Elevated Dog Bed: Water-resistance and moisture-proof. Raised dog bed helps pets stay cool in summer months by allowing air to circulate and keeps pets off wet/cold ground with 8" ground clearance.
  • Unparalleled Drawer Function: Unlike other dog furniture, MSmask dog sofa adds two drawer function, you can put dog toys, food, canned food, trash bags, etc...
  • Perfect for All Seasons: You can put cool pads on it in summer, warm dog bed pad in winter. the indestructible dog bed allows your pets to sleep in a variety of positions. Ideal for bedroom, living room, indoor, outdoor.
  • Superior Service: We are committed to providing high quality product for our clients, if you are not satisfied with products for whatever reason, please contact us at any time, and we will do our best to solve your problem quickly.

5. Pet Sofa

Petmate La-Z-Boy Newton Sofa Large Dog Bed, 40 x 27 Inches, Graphite

If you have a bit more money to spend then you could get your dog this luxurious sofa to relax on. It is ideal for dogs that are up to 75 pounds in weight.

It has a plush, velour texture and a sophisticated design that will look great in your home. The sofa is very cushioned and will be extremely comfortable.

This bed is 15.5 inches high, 27 inches deep, and 40 inches wide. The space that the dog will have to sleep in is 27 inches by 19.5 inches.


  • Luxury – This pet perch is super luxurious and comfortable
  • Texture – The soft texture is very comforting for your dog
  • Size – It is a good size and is great for dogs up to 75 pounds in weight


  • Price – This is quite an expensive option for people on a lower budget
Petmate La-Z-Boy Newton Sofa Large Dog Bed, 40 x 27 Inches, Graphite
  • Sofa Dog Bed: Give your pet their own space while adding a touch of class to your home with La-Z-Boy's Newton Sofa; Designed just for pets, this sofa is ideal for large breed dogs up to 75 lbs
  • Sophisticated Style: This chesterfield styled sofa is crafted with furniture grade materials, including a solid wood base and feet and a human-grade textured chenille upholstery fabric that helps conceal pet fur and wear and tear
  • Ultimate Comfort: Sitting a few inches off the ground, pets can hop on and off the sofa and are protected from hot or cold floors while they sleep; The bolsters on 3 sides provide additional support for your pet's head and neck
  • La-Z-Boy: From small-scale cuddlers and loungers to extra-large mattresses and sofas with luxurious sleep surfaces and sturdy support, we have pet beds to fit every pet sleep style and just about any room in your home
  • Just For Pets: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, and other furry friends; Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more

DIY Ideas For A Dog Window Perch

If you would rather custom make your dog their own window perch then there are several different options that you can try out.

They vary when it comes to how difficult they are to make, so whether you are a beginner or more advanced with DIY you should be able to find an idea to suit your skillset.

Steps Window Perch

If you have a smaller dog then they might need some assistance to be able to look out of the window.

This is when a step style window perch would come in useful. This is also great for older dogs who have painful joints.

  • Start by measuring the height and width of the window. Cut pieces of wood to make a bench.
  • Use a drill to attach the pieces of wood together and use brackets to attach the bench to the wall.
  • Next, cut smaller pieces of wood to make a three steps that lead up to the bench. Each step will need to be a third of the height of the bench.
  • You can make custom size padded cushions to go on the steps to make it even more comfortable for your dog to walk up and down the stairs.

Kennel Window Perch

The Kennel window perch is quite complex but it will be very useful for your dog. It doubles as a perch and a kennel, giving your dog a safe space to hide away or to sleep.

  • Start by measuring the window. Cut the pieces of wood to make a bench that is the right height for the window. Use a drill to attach the pieces together.
  • You can either attach a base to the bench to create an elevated dog kennel, you could add a panel with a door cut out to make a cozy space, or you could just add lots of blankets and cushions in the space underneath the bench.

Bench Window Perch

One of the most simple window perches that you can make for your dog is a bend style perch. It is essentially a bench that is built up against the window.

Your dog can jump onto the bench to look out of the window. You can add a padded cushion or some blankets to make it more comfortable for your dog.

If you already have a piece of furniture that is the right height, you could repurpose it as a window perch. Alternatively, you could make your own:

  • Start by measuring the width and the height of the window. Cut the pieces of wood to size.
  • Use a drill to attach the different pieces of wood together to form a bench. You can use brackets to secure the bench to the wall underneath the window if you want to.
  • If you are making a padded cushion, cut a piece of foam to fit on top of the bench. Measure a durable type of fabric to make a cushion cover.

Sofa Window Perch

One of the most luxurious types of window perches is a sofa perch. It is super comfortable for your dog and gives them somewhere to relax with a nice view.

  • You will need to measure the window. Cut the legs of the sofa so that they measure roughly half the height of the window. Next, cut pieces of wood that are also half the height of the window – one the full length of the window and two that are shorter. These three pieces will be made to make the arms and back of the sofa. You will also need to cut a piece to form the base of the sofa.
  • Next, measure out pieces of foam that will be the right size to attach to the sofa – outside and inside. Choose a durable fabric to make covers for the cushions.


Whether you are feeling creative and wanting to make a DIY dog window perch, or you would rather buy one online, we have something for everyone.

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