What Are the Best Pet Strollers for Small Dogs?

People enjoy taking a walk.  Dog owners take their dogs along for company, as well as for the health of their pet. Smaller pets, however, have tiny legs that just can’t keep up.  Then you have to carry them back home. This is what makes pet strollers for small dogs a good option.

Even smaller dogs can get heavy when you are carrying them. They may only weigh 10 or 15 pounds, but when you have to carry them for a while, they can feel like 50 pounds. This puts a heavy strain on your arms and back, but when your dog can’t keep up with you, sometimes it’s what has to be done to get home.

Some pet owners also have two or more dogs. When one dog is larger than the other, it is hard to keep them both walking at the same pace. The smaller dog sometimes has to run to keep up with the larger one, and that’s not good for its heart.

In this article, we will talk more about the best pet strollers for small dogs. We will also talk about how to keep your pet safe in them and give you some tips on how to get them used to the stroller. Lastly, we will mention a few very good pet strollers that were specially made for smaller dogs.

What to Look for in a Good Pet Stroller for a Small Dog

Safety and comfort are what the stroller has to provide. Comfort not only for your dog but also for you. Make sure that the stroller has strong mesh and zippers. Also, most strollers have a leash clip inside for extra security. Sometimes dogs can want to go after wildlife, especially squirrels, and will try to dart out of the stroller. If you don’t have the cabin of the stroller closed properly, your little one may be able to get out.

Pet Strollers for Small Dogs

Make sure that the bottom of the cabin, which is where the dog is carried, is very sturdy. If it’s not, the middle will bend, and your dog may become frightened, or even hurt if it falls through.

The wheels are important as they ensure an easy ride.  You don’t want to be walking and all of a sudden stop, because of a cracked or raised sidewalk. Also, make sure that the wheels can lock. This ensures that the stroller doesn’t move when you’re not walking.

There should be mesh on the top so that your pet will be more at ease. When they can see you, they know that they’re safe. It will also put your mind at ease because you can see them and know that they’re OK.

Depending on how you would put your dog into a carrier, look for a stroller that has the same entry. It won’t confuse them as much, so you’ll have an easier time getting them in. Usually, the hardest part of a new stroller is getting your dog to go into it, because they may be afraid.

Pet Gear

If you have already been researching pet strollers, you have probably come across the Pet Gear name a few times. This is because they make the best strollers for any pet. Their strollers are very sturdy and will last for many years.

The Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller is a very good stroller for small dogs. To read more about this stroller, click on the link to read the full review.  You and your pet will enjoy a smooth, comfortable walk using it. It has shock absorbers on the front of the cabin, so your pet doesn’t get bounced around when you walk.


Another very good stroller for small dogs is the OxGord pet stroller. This stroller has very strong mesh and also provides a safe and comfortable ride. Click on the link to read our review of this stroller.

What Is a Small Dog?

When we talk about small dogs, we’re not talking about puppies. The breed of the dog is what determines the size. Many dogs are mutts or mixed breeds, so it may be hard to tell what size they will be.

A good rule of thumb, if you have a puppy, is to look at its paws. If they are big, the odds are that it will be a bigger dog. This isn’t always the case, of course, but it is the general rule.

Some breeds of dogs that fit in the category of ‘small’ are Dachshunds, Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Chihuahuas. Also, toy breeds often fit into this category. A small dog is usually 25 pounds or less when they are fully grown.

pet gear strollers

Why Use a Stroller?

You can use either one, but a stroller is much easier on you and your pet. You don’t have to worry about your pet leaving out of a stroller, the same as they won’t get out of a carrier because they are designed specifically for dogs or other small animals.

When you like to take walks, but your small dog can’t keep up with you, or you have an older dog that finds it difficult to walk, strollers are beneficial for both of you. Much like a baby stroller, they are designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable. There are usually cup holders on the handles and storage underneath.

If you were to carry a dog, your shoulders and back and even neck will often start to hurt because of the strain. When you push a stroller, however, you won’t be affected by the weight.

Your dog will also love the fact that they can see everything, and the ventilation is usually much better in a stroller than in a carrier. Carriers are fine for trips to the vet, but when you like to be outside a lot, or in a park, strollers are the best option.

Look at different types of strollers. We all have our preferences, including dogs. The two pet strollers mentioned above are specifically made for dogs under 30 pounds. It is important that you don’t push that weight limit, or the bottom of the cabin may fall.

Walking with your pet is always nice. But, when your pet is small, it can be very hard for them to catch up with you. This will, of course, tire them out fast and leave you to carry them home. A pet stroller for small dogs will soon become something you just can’t do without in the future.