A look at the AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller
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AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller Review

The AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller features large wheels and gives you a lot of control no matter what type of ground you’re covering.

With this stroller, you can you go through pebbles, sand, and the snow! It’s a great way to take your pet with you wherever you go. If you want something that can roll easily through places like airports or on smooth ground, you should check out the Pet Gear I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack.

But, if you want something that’s more suited to all types of terrain and weather outdoors, look no further. This stroller allows your pet to sit comfortably inside while you give them a smooth ride. It’s great for dogs or cats who may not be able to walk long distances or don’t do well on leashes.

Thanks to the secure mesh surrounding of the AT3 stroller, they’ll get plenty of fresh air while remaining comfortably inside the stroller itself. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you can take your dog with you almost anywhere when you go on your daily walk or job.

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AT3 Generation II Pet Stroller

This review will give you an in-depth look at what you can expect from the AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller. Few pet strollers give you the opportunity to go over different types of terrain. So, you can use this stroller for more than just a walk around the block.

But, it’s still essential to decide whether it’s the right option for you and your pet, and how you want to travel. With that in mind, let’s learn more about the AT3 Generation II stroller and how it will work for both you and your furry friend.

Is it Easy to Control?

This stroller is extremely durable. It is 28 pounds and measures at 30.5″ x 14″ x 24″. But, that weight and durability allow you to have a smooth, easily-controlled ride wherever you go. It’s the tires that make it work so well. The 11.5″ tires are made for all different types of ground. The back tires even have shock absorption, so no matter what you might roll over, it won’t jostle your pet around and the stroller will remain easy to push.

Because of its strength and power, this is the perfect stroller for walkers, joggers, and hikers. If you’d rather carry your pet along with you on your walks or hikes, you might want to choose a sling or backpack.

But, if you want to be able to push your pet along, this stroller will offer you a lot of control no matter where you choose to walk. That means a more comfortable ride for your pet and a more enjoyable experience for you.

What Are the Safety Features?

The most important thing to consider with any pet carrier or stroller is how safe it is. Many things make this stroller safe for your pet. It starts with the wheels. Not only are they easy for you to maneuver, as stated above, but they will keep your pet from getting jerked around. The front wheel can be locked into position, so, it won’t wobble if you’re on rough terrain or if you’re jogging.

If you are going at a quick pace or need to stop suddenly, you can use the quick-lock security brake. That way, you can be certain the stroller will never roll away from you. It can stop in an instant thanks to this special brake.

The front canopy features a large mesh ‘window.’ This allows your pet to see out, which can keep them calm. It also ensures they don’t overheat. When an animal can see out through mesh windows like this, it helps to keep them calm. You’ll also be able to see them clearly in case they need you for any reason. It’s a great way not to have to carry them while still being able to check on them periodically.

Will My Pet be Comfortable?

The great thing about the AT3 Generation II Stroller is that it can be used for a variety of different animals. You can take a rabbit or guinea pig for a walk as easily as a dog up to 40lbs, and each one will be just as comfortable. Few strollers allow you to take such large pets with you.

But, this one accommodates so even your larger furry friends can go on an afternoon stroll. It’s perfect for larger dogs who may have joint problems or older animals who can’t get around easily.

Comfort is essential when it comes to transporting your pet. That’s why soft-sided carriers have become so popular for traveling. But, if you want to go for a walk or a hike, a stroller can be easier for you than a pet carrier. The AT3 stroller has even more features to add to your pet’s comfort, so they’ll love taking a stroll with you each day!

The smooth ride thanks to the large wheels make the stroller more comfortable than many competitors. But, the interior of the carriage is where your dog will find comfort. It has a comfortable fleece pad inside that you can remove for easy washing. It’ll keep your pet cozy and is easy for you to clean.

AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller review

Not only will your dog or cat be comfortable, but you’ll find conveniences in this stroller, too. It folds up easily with just one hand. It also includes cup holders so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while you’re on a long walk.

If you want to take other supplies along for either you or your furry friend, you can use the convenient storage basket underneath the carriage. That makes it perfect for spending a day strolling around the park or hiking your favorite trail.

Finally, your pet will be even more comfortable if you buy the rain guard accessory. It comes separately from the stroller itself. But, if you run into bad weather, your dog will be safe and dry. Just because the stroller is meant for all types of terrain doesn’t mean it should be uncomfortable for either of you.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

There are many different pet strollers on the market. Some focus on being lightweight, so they are easy to transport. But, these lightweight models don’t often do well on different types of terrain. The AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller is meant for both smooth and rough trails.

But, this means it isn’t as light as some others. That’s important to consider when you’re choosing the best stroller for you and your pet. Let’s take a look at some more of the pros and cons.


  • Holds small animals and larger pets up to 40lbs
  • Works on all different types of terrain
  • One-hand folding for easy storage
  • Storage compartment underneath for toys, treats, personal belongings
  • Mesh exterior for proper ventilation
  • Locking front wheel
  • Removable fleece liner that’s easy to clean


  • Larger pets may be able to scratch through the mesh windows or damage the zippers
  • The handle isn’t adjustable to different heights
  • Though tires are large, they are made of plastic instead of being filled with air

As you can see, there are many more positives to consider than negatives. One of the greatest things about this stroller in comparison to others is that it can hold larger animals. But, if your pet has anxiety or gets nervous quickly, they may be able to scratch at the mesh that works as a window.

It’s important to be aware of your pet’s personality before using this stroller. If you feel like they wouldn’t be a good fit for it, you might consider a different method of travel for them.

Is This a Top-Notch All-Terrain Stroller?

Different types of pet carriers, backpacks, and strollers are meant for a variety of activities. This particular stroller serves many purposes.

It’s excellent for any pets that have trouble walking or can’t go long distances. But, it also allows you to keep your own active lifestyle. You can walk or jog along basically any terrain with your furry friend. You’ll both enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

We hope this review has helped you decide if the AT3 Generation II All Terrain Pet Stroller is right for you. There are so many benefits to having a stroller for your dog, cat, or other small animals. But, choosing one that fits your personal needs is equally important. This stroller is designed with your comfort and the comfort of your pet(s) in mind.

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