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In-Depth Review of the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller

The Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller allows you to take your pet with you on leisurely walks without having to worry about leashes or whether they get tired. It’s okay to treat your dog for a little stroll, and there are many benefits for both of you!

The Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller is a bit different from most other products on the market. It has air wheels, almost like a bicycle. That means you can take it on rougher terrain and you won’t have to slow down. It’s a stroller that’s been built with strength and durability in mind.

Speaking of durability, another thing that sets it apart is its weight capacity. Most strollers are only meant for extremely small animals. This model can carry a dog up to 70lbs. So, most large dog breeds will fit in it easily!

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Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller Review

There are many reasons to use a pet stroller, and we’ll explore the benefits throughout this review.

This Pet Gear stroller has a few extra features that make it durable, long-lasting, and convenient for both you and your dog. We’ll cover some of its safety features as well, so you can be comfortable using it regularly with your dog.

How Safe and Secure is It for My Dog?

As a pet owner, safety is always a huge concern. Thankfully, the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller has several extra safety features that enable it to stand out from the crowd. They can offer you peace of mind and will keep your dog fully secure on any journey.

Many pet carriers and dog backpacks have zippers that secure the sides and entry points. While there’s nothing wrong with that, some animals can either chew or paw through those zippers. This stroller takes it one step further by using a locking safety latch. You lock it from outside, so there’s no way your pet can escape from the carriage.

The three air wheels on the stroller make it easy to walk or jog on different types of terrain. This makes it more convenient for you, but also safer for your pet. If you hit a stray stone or rough patch of land, the wheels will keep the stroller stable and keep the ride smooth. Your pet is less likely to get jostled around this way.

The carriage is surrounded by a durable mesh material. This helps your pets to look out freely. But, it also keeps them from overheating on warm days when you’re outside.

Finally, your dog will love the padded bar in the front of the carriage. For small dogs, they can put their paws on the bar to help them look out.

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What Are the Measurements and Weight Limits?

  • This stroller holds an animal up to 70 pounds.
  • The stroller itself weighs 32 pounds, so it’s a heavy-duty model.
  • The interior dimensions are 30″L x 13″W x 22″H.
  • The height of the stroller handle is 72 inches, and it can’t be adjusted.

If you’re looking for a lighter stroller that folds up more easily, we recommend trying the OxGord 3-Wheel Jogging Pet Stroller.

It’s got plenty of room for your pet to be able to turn around and sit down freely. But, they won’t get jostled around with too much extra space.

The bottom part of the carrier features two pieces for easy folding. For larger animals, this may be a bit of a problem, but it can be adjusted by placing another board on top, underneath the plush padding.

Is it Easy to Use for Everyone?

Not only will your pet love using this stroller, but you will too! If your pet isn’t used to walking long distances or if they can’t do it anymore, you don’t have to give up your daily walk/jog. They’ll love being able to go with you and get some fresh air.

Plus, the stroller is easy enough to use that you’ll want to go for a walk every day. It features a storage basket for things like toys, treats, waste bags, and more. You can even store some of your own belongings there.

It also has cup holders so you can store a water bottle, keys, a snack, etc.

It’s designed for your walk to be a significant part of your day, so it takes care of what you might need to store or grab on a moment’s notice.

It’s easy to put together and quick to open and close. But, it does not fold flat. That can sometimes make storing it more difficult, but because you’ll want to use it so often, you likely won’t need to hide it away anywhere.

This Pet Gear NV stroller is one of the easiest on the market to use for people who like to be more active with their pets. We’ve already mentioned the wheels for safety. But, they are also a big part of your convenience as the one pushing the stroller. They’ll offer you a smooth ride every time.

Finally, you can choose from two different colors for the stroller. The exterior is always black, but you can choose from Rose or Skyline for the interior.

Can It Be Cleaned Easily?

Another added convenience feature is the fact that this stroller is easy to clean.

There is a soft pad in the carriage. It makes every ride comfortable for your pet, but over time it may start to get dirty or smell from your pet’s paws. Thankfully, it can be easily removed and washed! This is an excellent solution for pet accidents as well.

The mesh screen and exterior can easily be wiped down from time to time, as can the bars and wheels. It’s an easy stroller to keep clean, which is especially important if you’re taking it on terrain that can cause it to get dirty quickly.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Because there are different features to every pet stroller, it’s important to know which one is right for you and your pet. The Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller is strong and durable, but it may not be the perfect stroller for everyone. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses.


  • Removable, washable pad
  • Can fit more than one small pet at a time, or one larger animal up to 70lbs
  • Offers a smooth ride thanks to air wheels
  • Mesh surrounding so your pet can look around and breathe easily
  • Storage compartment for extra belongings
  • Lock on the exterior instead of zippers for added security


  • Does not fold completely flat, which can make it more difficult to store away.
  • The stroller is heavier, but that enables it to remain steady in windy weather.
  • Handle height is not adjustable

Another potential drawback to this stroller is that it’s quite heavy compared to some other models. But, this is what makes it so secure and stable.

Its weight helps your ride to be smoother and withstand different types of terrain. So, while it might be difficult for a smaller person to lift it and store it, it can make it easier to push through rough ground.

A review of the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller

Who Should Use the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller?

Almost any pet owner would enjoy using the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller. Whether you have a small cat who doesn’t like to walk on a leash or a large dog with arthritis, there are endless uses for this stroller.

You don’t have to give up your daily walk or jog just because your pet can’t/won’t walk on a leash. This stroller has made it easier than ever to bring them along. It’s also a great option if you have more than one pet and want to take them for a walk at the same time.

It’s one of the safest strollers on the market due to its locking feature. It’s also one of the smoothest rides. You can tell how durable and strong it is just by lifting it up. That durability makes for a smooth ride and extra protection for your pets.

There are lighter models available that might be better for some people. But, if you like to walk on trails or rocky terrain, you’ll love the air wheels and strength of the NV Pet Stroller.

We hope this review has given you enough information about the Pet Gear NV Pet Stroller to decide if it’s right for you. It is a unique stroller in many different ways. But, that’s what helps it to stand out from the competition. If you’re looking for something that’s safe and durable for your pet(s), look no further!

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