Diggs Crates Review
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Diggs Crates Review

Everybody wants the best for their pets, and the same goes when it comes to your dog’s crate. 

However, when it comes to finding the best crate for your dog, it can take a bit of research to find one that is safe to use and comfortable for your precious pooch.

One popular brand when it comes to dog crates is Diggs, a company dedicated to making safe and easy to use products for pets to help improve their happiness and health.

One of their most popular products is the Revol dog crate – but is it really the best kind of crate for your pooch?

If you are thinking of getting a Diggs Revol dog crate, then check out our review before you commit to a crate! 

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What Is The Diggs Revol Crate?

The Diggs Revol crate is a collapsible dog crate designed for both home use and for convenient travel.

Its design was first thought about by the founders of Diggs, who were passionate pet owners who were frustrated with the lack of quality and care for safety when it came to many pet products.

They were especially annoyed by how ugly and uncomfortable wire dog crates were; there was no creativity in their design and they hated how closely wire crates resembled a cage for their pets. 

Driven by a love for dogs and inspired by products designed for the baby industry, the team over at Diggs created the Revol crate. 

The Revol crate was designed with three core values in mind: safety, ease of use, and beauty.

Diggs wanted the Revol crate to be the ideal dog crate that was inviting and looked good in the home, was super easy to set up and adjust for different uses, and was safe and comfortable for your dogs to use. 

So – have Diggs reached those goals and created the ideal dog crate?

Diggs Revol Crate Review

Diggs Revol Dog Crate (Collapsible Dog Crate, Portable Dog Crate, Travel Dog Crate, Dog Kennel) for Small Dogs and Puppies (Ash)

Here we are going to be diving into our review of the Revol dog crate from Diggs.

We are going to split our review into three sections to see if Diggs have really hit all three of their targets with this product.

So, our three sections will cover the design of the Revol crate, assembly and use, and all then all the great safety features which makes it an appealing choice for many dog owners across the United States. 

Let’s go! 

Design And Appearance

One of the main reasons why the team at Diggs wanted to create an alternative to the traditional wire dog crate was because of how unattractive and ugly they believed wire crates to be.

So, they set out to make the Revol crate to not only look like a cozy little home for your dog, but for it to also blend in seamlessly with your home and decor too.

When we say that the Revol crate looks great in the home, we mean it. It has a sleek modern look which makes it perfect for any room in the house.

It is built using sturdy, high-grade aluminum with reinforced plastic to help bulk up the design and make it resemble a piece of baby equipment rather than a cage, plus this makes the crate more durable and strong.

It also features a diamond-pattern steel mesh around the sides and door so the crate looks less like a cage and more like a kind of toddler pen. 

The design inspirations from the baby industry are very obvious and effective as this dog crate does not feel like a cold, heartless cage that you lock your pet up in. Instead, it is an inviting piece of equipment that blends in nicely with modern home decor. 

Not only that, but the Revol dog crate also comes in four separate colors to help tailor it to match your home even more closely. The four colors are ash (which is like a very light gray/white), gray, pine, and charcoal.

This range of colors could be improved upon in the future with more bold options like red or blue, but the neutral colors available already means that you will definitely be able to find a Revol dog crate that matches your home perfectly. 

It is also available in different sizes to comfortably suit your dog and their breed. There are four sizes all together: small, medium, intermediate, and large. This is a range of options to have so everyone can enjoy a Revol crate, no matter the size of their beloved pooch. 

Functionality And Ease Of Use

If there is one thing that we love about the Revol crate, it is its ability to be easily adjusted to fit every type of dog and owner. This is because the Revol crate is modular, collapsible and adjustable, so it can be used on the go and at home.

It was made with collapsible walls that you can easily fold to flatten the crate and store it easily when you don’t need to use it.

With traditional wire cages, you would have had to wrestle with wire meshing or just cover the cage with a blanket and hope it blended in with the room. However, the Revol crate can easily be collapsed or dismantled to save on space.  

You can remove the front panel to allow access to the entire interior space and use the Revol like a traditional crate, or you can simply remove the side panels to give your dog more breathing space and plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

This transforms the crate into a space that resembles a covered bed rather than a crate.

For even better functionality, there is a handgrip on the front of the collapsed crate and wheels underneath so you can lift and drag the Revol crate from location to location. It’s also very light and easy to lift and move while traveling

Maintenance is also super easy as the materials used in the Revol’s creation can be easily wiped down with a duster and wet rag to keep it clean and tidy.

There is also a bottom tray designed to catch dog waste that you can pull out and take outside to clean with a hose. 


The fact that the Revol crate was inspired by baby products and equipment comes across not only in its appearance but also in how safe this crate is. 

There are no sharp edges that pose a risk to your pooch’s health and wellbeing, as wire cages can sometimes not properly end their wires, meaning that they are free to bend and be bitten by your dog, potentially cutting their mouths or skin.

We saw no such safety flaws with the Revol crate when we inspected it and found it all to be very safe and secure.

It is also a very comfortable space for your dog as long as you purchase the Diggs Snooz Crate Pad that fits comfortably in the crate and acts as a cozy bed for your pooch.

However, this bed is sold separately which is unfortunate as without it, your dog will have to lie down on the cold, plastic bottom layer. 

We do wish that Diggs included a thin cushion layer to provide more comfort for its customers, even if it is not as padded or luxurious as the Snooz Crate Pad.

This would mean that those owners who want to provide more comfort for their dogs can while those who are more limited when it comes to funds can still be happy knowing that their dog has a comfy cushion layer to lie down on when in the Revol crate. 

However, the Revol crate also comes with a divider so you can fit two dogs in one crate (providing they both comfortably fit inside) and there is a ceiling hatch so you can easily access your dog without the risk of them slipping out of the crate and running loose.

This means that you can feed your dog a treat once inside and even reach into the pet and comfort them without having to fight to keep them in the crate itself. 


Overall, we love the Revol crate from Diggs as it really does tick all the boxes. Diggs has hit all their targets when designing and creating this dog crate, and taking inspiration from the baby industry was a stroke of genius. 

The Revol dog crate is far more visually appealing and welcoming than a traditional wire crate, so it is instantly a favorite with many dogs and their owners.

Plus, it is modular and collapsible for ease of use, durable thanks to the high-quality materials used in its creation, and easy to maintain and clean too. 

If we had to pick out some faults, it would be that we would like to see a few more color options added to the range for more customization and that Diggs included some kind of pillow layer with the crate to make it more comfortable for our pooches. 

However, we would highly recommend this dog crate to all dog owners because it is far more attractive and easy to use than traditional dog cages.

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