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The 5 Best Trackers For Pet Cats

Cats can be secretive and elusive, but a GPS tracker for cats might allow you to see what they are up to while you’re not looking. 

Additionally, it might make it easier for you to find your cat faster if they ever go missing, which regrettably happens to a quarter of feline pets at some point.

Pet owners can use GPS technology, which was first created by the United States Air Force to help them with military activities, to know precisely where their cats are and where they’ve been. 

The exact range depends on factors such as if the tracker utilizes Bluetooth or perhaps a SIM card and whether it has an app that lets you follow your cat’s antics, say, from another country.

There are several considerations to keep in mind when selecting a GPS tracking device for a cat, including the frequency and accuracy of positioning updates, in addition to whether they provide additional services like location history (see also ‘The Apple AirTag For Cats: A Pet Tracking Review‘). 

Then there are practical factors for kitty comfort including size and weight, as well as convenience of application and whether they come with a monthly subscription.

Budget obviously also has an impact. Smaller, more organized units are typically more expensive, and those that contain a SIM card may need you to pay an additional monthly fee. 

You shouldn’t stop tracking your cat just because they need to spend less time outside than indoors.

Cat Pet Tracker
Cat Tracker

Although many cat trackers make the promise of keeping you informed, not every one of them does this well.  Some generate incorrect locations, while others have severe flaws. 

Make sure you choose the pet tracker that best suits your unique needs and conduct some of your own research as this list does not contain every accessible pet tracker and we do not wish to promote tools that won’t work for you.

Therefore, it really depends on the features you desire and the price you’re willing to shell out for them. The best 5 trackers for your feline friend are listed below.

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The Top 5 Cat Trackers Available

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cat trackers so you can decide which is the best choice for keeping your pet secure.

1. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive, an Austrian firm that specializes in pet gadgets and pet-related apps, created the Tractive GPS pet tracker. 

It belongs to a bigger family of goods that also includes Tractive Motion, the activity-only monitor that keeps tabs on pets’ daily activities, plus Tractive GPS XL, an altered version of Tractive GPS made for larger animals including cows, horses, lambs, and even large dogs. 

The accuracy, dependability, usability, and affordability of the Tractive device for cats and dogs will be highlighted in this review as we present to you its important features.

This gadget is a tracker that appears as a tracker unit and sends position data to the Tractive GPS app which is accessible from any device. 

You may set up a safe zone for your pet to walk about in with the tracker, and it will immediately notify you if they go outside of that area. 

You may begin tracking your pet with the Tractive app when it is set to live tracking mode as soon as you get the notification since you get real-time updates on where your pet is. 

The frequency of location updates depends on how active your pet is when the live tracking option is off, and data is not provided in real time. 

You use the app’s map to locate your pet after setting it on the GPS. You may see your pet’s past locations as well as his or her current location.

Tractive GPS has a good accuracy and update rate, so you should find your pet quickly.

The tracker operates both inside and outside of the US and uses cellular GPS. It uses the AT&T Mobility, CinBell, Viaero Wireless, as well as T-Mobile cellular networks in the US.

It doesn’t matter which cell service provider you use for your smartphone because the tracker has its own SIM card.

2. Findster Duo+

An ingenious GPS pet tracker with no monthly costs is called Findster Duo+. It was created by Findster Technology, a quickly expanding firm based in California that was founded in 2015. 

It has a communication reach of up to 3 miles, enables for real-time location as well as activity tracking, and does not require mobile service, so you can always know where your pet is.

Findster Duo+, an updated version of the company’s well-known Findster Duo tracker, debuted on the market in 2017. 

Since then, it has drawn quite a bit of attention. We’ll go over Findster Duo+’s main features in more detail in this review to help you decide if it’s the type of pet tracker you’ve been looking for.

The Findster Duo+ consists of two units, or modules: the guardian module should be kept by your side, and the pet module should be affixed to your friend’s collar. 

The pet module’s GPS transmits the location of the animal to the guardian component.

The guardian component, in turn, uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone and allows you to watch your pet’s activity and location data in the specific Findster app.

Although this pet tracker has a variety of uses, its main purpose is to make it simple for you to track a pet in real time. 

It displays your friend’s precise location, enables you to follow them using the Findster app, and notifies you as soon as your pet exits the safe zone so you can locate your pet right away.

Findster Duo+ doesn’t require cell service in order to function, as we previously stated. It makes use of the exclusive MAZE technology from Findster Technologies. 

It is a distinct communication protocol that operates in the sub-1 GHz ISM band and complies with all FCC and CE regulations. 

Because the MAZE technology runs independently and without the assistance of telephone carriers, it is universally functional. This tracker can be completely free of charge thanks to its independence.

3. Pod 3 Cat Tracker

With Pod 3, you may track your cat using a variety of various technologies. Through a tracking gadget that clips to your cat’s collar and a smartphone app, it uses GPS technology to locate your cat. 

Then, just use an application on your smartphone to track where the cat is in real-time. How easy!

In order to assist you in finding your cat, wherever they may be, Pod 3 devices also get the most from 3G/4G phone coverage, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals.

The Pod 3 tracking system requires a tracking service subscription in order to function, which gives you access to the tracking systems, web platform, and mobile app.

A highly sophisticated cat tracker with many practical features is called Pod 3.

You may feel secure knowing your cat is safe when it roams the neighborhood thanks to the several features of Pod 3.

You can locate your cat with precise precision whether it is 20 yards away or 20 miles, in practically any nation in the globe.

Real-time tracking of your cat’s activities is both a fun novelty and an excellent tool to locate your cat should he become lost or stray too far.

The app will immediately notify you if the cat has ventured too far and allow you to verify his/her whereabouts.

You can establish and create “safe zones” for your cat, and you can receive notifications when they leave certain areas.

You can view your cat’s health, fitness, mobility, and rest data using this unusual equipment. It’s intriguing that the smartphone application can show you how long your cat has been strolling, running, resting, etc.!

You can see where the cat has been recently using the mobile app.

This is a fantastic response to the perennial query, “Where do cats go when they’re roaming?” You’ll be able to understand your cat’s area and movements much better. 

Keeping track of your cat’s past whereabouts might be highly interesting (and unexpected) if she has a habit or a patrolling region.

A charging dock and two batteries are included with the Pod 3 Tracker.

In “safe zone” mode, the battery should last for around three days; having a spare/interchangeable battery is very helpful because it allows you to use one while the other charges.

No matter where your cat is hiding, Pod 3 would be able to discover them both! You may use the application to contact the chip if you’re inside. It will emit a noise that will aid in finding your cat.

The Pod 3 is completely waterproof and can withstand any water your cat may come into contact with, including rain, splashes, and faucet water.

4. Whistle Pet Tracker

With the exception of GPS location services, the Whistle tracker has the same features as the various devices already discussed in this article.

This means that this device can monitor your pet’s scratching, licking, frequency of eating and drinking, level of activity, and sleep quality.

This item’s ability to accommodate cats of all sizes is its additional distinctive feature. If you own a large St. Bernard, you’ll need this Whistle dog tracker.

The whereabouts of your cat can be updated by this device every 15 seconds.

The Whistle device will help you discover your friend quickly if they have a habit of running after every automobile in the area.

Due to its two rechargeable batteries, the device can always keep track of your pet.

To best fit your particular type of cat, this tracker is available in three different sizes. We should also point out that it has an improved battery and can do all of the same functions as the above mentioned.

Your tool for communicating with your pet and the products is the Whistle App. You can download it for free and use it to learn more about the following:

  • Your pet’s actions
  • The dietary habits of your pet
  • Patterns of drinking in your pet
  • Location of your pet

The software then calculates a wellbeing score for your cat out of 100 by adding up all of its habits. This data is based on information gathered from other pet parents by The Whistle Pet Tracker, which then calculates an average score.

The Pet Insight Initiative, a think tank made up of veterinarians and scientists, developed the AI technology that Whistle utilizes to compile a database of animal behavior and what those behaviors indicate about your pet’s health.

The Whistle Pet Tracker gadgets can also improve your interactions with your pet. 

In order to get you moving more with your pet, they can help you set activity goals, remind you of forthcoming checkups, and advise you on how much food to give your cat based on various measures and genetics.

These items are for folks who want to examine their pet’s health more thoroughly without having to take them to the veterinarian.

5. Paw Tracker

A GPS pet monitoring tool called Paw Tracker was created by PT Labs, the US business established in 2015.

It was developed by animal lovers with the intention of reducing the amount of lost animals in animal shelters and on the streets.

The tracker is ideal for both large and small pets, boasting exceptional precision, and has an appealing look.

It operates over any range in most of North America. For a thorough examination of this practical pet tracker, continue to read this Paw Tracker review.

The Paw Tracker is a tracking device that you can fasten to your pet’s current collar or harness.

It locates your pet using GPS, cell, and WiFi technologies and sends that data to the specialized Paw Tracker app, which you can download for free, install, and use on almost any mobile device.

Setting up your pet’s secure zone and determining how frequently you want their position to be updated are the two key tasks, with a minimum update frequency of 1 minute.

Your pet’s location is continuously tracked, and as soon as he or she exits the secure area, you are notified right away. Following the accompanying map will allow you to locate your pet straight from the app.

The Paw Tracker uses cellular networks and GPS to locate your pet outside. Because it has WiFi capabilities, it can find your cat even if they go inside a confined area. 

The gadget connects to any WiFi network or hotspot and operates on the Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Boost, Sprint, and MetroPCS cellular networks using the global 2G M2M/IOT SIM card that is included in the bundle.

The tracking device called Paw Tracker is shaped like a paw. Three hues are offered for selection: blue, silver, and gold. 47 mm in height, 50 mm in breadth, and 15 mm in depth are the dimensions of the object. 

It also only weighs 40 grams, or 1.41 ounces, so it’s light and compact for your pet’s comfort.

The tracking unit has a clasp on the back that is used to fasten the gadget to your pet’s collar or harness. It can be fastened to something like a collar or harness that is up to an inch broad and 1/4 inch thick.

Paw Tracker may be used by both dogs and cats weighing at least five pounds because it is relatively small and lightweight. The manufacturer advises harnessing Paw Tracker for small animals.

After going over the fundamental physical characteristics, we’ll go on to the most crucial technical details of the Paw Tracker device.

The Paw Tracker tracking device is impact-resistant. You do not need to be concerned about it getting broken too easily because it is made to accompany your pet on any excursion.

The gadget is water-resistant. The empirical tests have demonstrated that this pet monitor can tolerate immersion in water, despite the manufacturer’s lack of solid rating information.

However, depths more than 3 ft and extended immersion can result in malfunctions.

With Paw Tracker, you can view your pet within roughly 25 feet thanks to both the typical GPS positioning reliability and WiFi precision.

Paw Tracker has LED lights for night mode searching to make it simpler to find your pet after dark. 

The lights should flash in a color pattern chosen at random, featuring blue, white, red, and green, if the gadget is on and the environment is dark. The Paw Tracker application may be used to remotely turn on the LED lights.

The tracking device has a 400mAh rechargeable battery. Depending on the predetermined frequency for uploading GPS location, battery life can last anywhere between 12 hours and 10 days. 

The battery may last for around 12 hours at a 1-minute interval. It can run for up to 10 days using the 12-hour interval on a single charge.

Android and iOS smartphones can both use the Paw Tracker app. It requires iOS 8.0 or higher and Android 3.0 or above. It works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones and tablets.

As previously said, the Paw Tracker app is free and compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

You may use it to designate your pet’s safe zone, check your pet’s position history, and remotely turn on the tracking unit’s LED lights.

You can also follow your pet almost instantly using the interactive map that is given.

The programme can be used to track several animals, and because it is free to download and use, your friends may do the same to keep tabs on your dogs’ whereabouts.

The lack of extra features and the tidy, well-organized environment make the programme quite simple to use.

On its official website, the business offers practical video tutorials that will help you rapidly comprehend how all the key functions operate.

Even though the Paw Tracker’s manufacturer says that the gadget enables real-time tracking, the reality is that you must wait a minimum of a minute for your pet’s location to change, which does not meet the criteria for true real-time monitoring but still enables you to effectively track your pet. 

Depending on the situation, you can choose whether you want the location of your pet to be updated each 1 to 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, or 12 hours.

You can use the interactive map found in the app to actively track your pet. You can change perspectives to concentrate on either your location, your pet’s location, or both of your locations. 

Your pet’s position is indicated by a green arrow, while your location is indicated by a blue circle in a bigger white circle.

You can always see how near you are to your cat because the precise distances between you and it is also shown.

You may easily specify the location and size of the secure zone in which your pet is allowed to wander around freely using the Geofence feature.

The safe zone shows as a circle, and using the slider, you can change its radius. As soon as the pet exits the secure area, you immediately receive a warning.

You can view your pet’s previous 24-hour locations using the Historical Route tool.

You have the choice between the date and time options Today, the day before, and Customized, with the latter allowing you to select any preferred time and date. 

This function allows you to go between areas at the speed of your choice while viewing your pet’s previous whereabouts on a map.

You can check your device’s battery level at any time with the Paw Tracker app, and it also sends you warnings when the battery is running low so you recognize when to charge it.

Your friends and family can be informed of your pet’s location.

You only need to provide them with your device ID information from the back of your phone and your password to log in; they will have to download and launch the Paw Tracker app. 

The good news is that numerous individuals can simultaneously access your pet’s location, allowing you to enlist the help of friends and family if necessary.

Paw Tracker’s coverage map currently only shows North America. In the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the device is available for purchase and usage. 

Since the presence of mobile and Wi-Fi networks restricts Paw Tracker’s reach, it is not available everywhere in North America.

You can check whether the tracker is compatible with your location before making a purchase thanks to the company’s comprehensive coverage map.

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Final Thoughts

Because pets are considered members of the family, it is tremendously upsetting for everyone when they get sick or misplaced. 

Loss of a pet is similar to losing a treasured possession. When you get home and learn that your cat has died from an injury or has been misplaced, it is distressing.

What other safety measures can we take besides building a fence to protect our pets? You only need to take one simple step to maintain tabs on your pet’s whereabouts or find them fast and easy if they get lost. 

To always know where your cat is and what he is doing, all you need to do is utilize a pet tracker. Pet trackers not only locate your pet but also monitor their activity, heart rate, and fitness levels. 

One of the main advantages of utilizing a pet tracker is that, unlike injectable trackers, it causes no harm to the animal.

Make sure you choose the best cat leash and collar for your pet. Your cat won’t lose that tracker, thanks to this measure.

While trackers cannot extend a pet’s life, they can keep them from getting into mishaps, going missing, or being stolen.

Even though buying an inexpensive tracker can save you money, it won’t do anything to keep your pet safe.

If you’re having trouble sleeping because you worry that your cat may disappear or suffer a terrible accident due to her love of exploration, you should make the earliest possible investment in a reliable cat tracker. 

We strongly hope that you won’t risk not marking your cat simply because you were unsure about which device to purchase. 

In order for our readers to quickly make this very important purchase decision, we have provided reviews of the 5 best cat trackers on the market to help you decide.