The Apple AirTag For Cats A Pet Tracking Review
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The Apple AirTag For Cats: A Pet Tracking Review

An Apple AirTag is a priceless and simple-to-use solution for connecting you with your lost belongings.

They are easy to set up and operate, and the tag’s Precision Finding function can assist you in finding lost goods quickly.

Apple has given privacy lots of consideration to make sure location trackers can’t be abused as well. They are, without a doubt, an expensive accessory.

Apple’s AirTag may be employed to track a number of items, but it could not be as effective for monitoring a cat virtually as some might hope.

Technically speaking, there is nothing blocking a customer from purchasing an AirTag cat collar, and numerous internet retailers are currently offering such.

Before purchasing one, you should be aware of the following.

The AirTag is a potent item tracker since it incorporates numerous tracking technologies into a single item (see also ‘The 5 Best Trackers For Pet Cats‘).

For instance, Bluetooth may be used to locate items when they are within range, and Apple’s ultra-wideband technology can assist you to pinpoint objects even more precisely when they are even closer.

When out of reach, Apple’s sizable and outstanding Find My network intervenes to assist with focusing the search to be within Bluetooth plus ultra-wideband range.

Discover how effective the Apple AirTag is as a cat tracker by reading on.

Table of Contents:

Pros And Cons


  • Compact, light, and waterproof
  • Compact, light, and waterproof Helpful for finding your cat’s location
  • Works with iPhone 11 and above


  • Expensive when used with accessories
  • Incompatible with Android

What Range Does An AirTag Have? Explaining Distance & Range

Since AirTag’s launch, many people have found creative new uses for the item tracker. Its application as a tool to keep tabs on the family pet appears to be one that is becoming rather popular.

Apple doesn’t necessarily discourage this usage of an AirTag, but it also doesn’t rule it out.

An AirTag can be dangerous for animals, particularly cats, just like it can be when it is used to track people.

Locating A Cat With An Apple AirTag

While a cat’s whereabouts can be tracked using an AirTag affixed to a collar, the technology is not infallible.

For starters, an AirTag occasionally fails to locate a cat despite its numerous tracking features.

For instance, if you rely on Find My Network and the cat is out of range, it needs to be quite close to one of the Apple devices on a network in order to report back the location.

Cats tend to stay away from people and busy areas where other Apple gadgets are more likely to be found, especially if they are lost or stuck.

Basically, if concealing, the AirTag’s capacity to show the location may be significantly diminished or perhaps completely eliminated.

The cat’s general comfort and health are other factors to take into account.

Despite the fact that many people might see using an AirTag to locate a cat as a way to protect the animal, not all cats are fond of collars in principle, let alone one with a coin-sized tracker attached.

Additionally, AirTags are made to sound an alert when they are separated from their owner for an extended period of time, just like other item trackers.

The sound is intended to help individuals nearby locate the object more easily, but it could be difficult and perplexing for a cat to understand, especially if it’s already lost and afraid.

Therefore, just because a cat can be tracked with an AirTag collar doesn’t indicate that all cats should or will benefit from it.

Although not the first product of its kind, the Apple AirTag device has shown its value to iPhone users who frequently misplace their wallets, keys, and other items.

However, an AirTag can only be associated with an iPad operating iPadOS 14.5 or later, or an iPhone 11 and later (along with the most current iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro smartphones).

This clever device may be hidden inside or fastened to another item, and it will then use a few qualities to assist you locate both lost things, whether they are in your immediate area or farther away.

The Apple AirTag location method is a simple but effective emitter that makes a loud beep to assist you in locating an AirTag by waiting for its call.

Leverage the iPhone connected to the Apple AirTag to use its Bluetooth or ultra-wideband signal if you like something a little more precise.

Your smartphone may use this signal, along with its accelerometer, cameras, and gyroscope, while in close proximity to the tag, to provide you with onscreen instructions to your misplaced item.

If the AirTag is outside of your house and is further away, it won’t be a problem because you can use Apple’s Find My Network to find it.

You can use your iPhone to turn on Lost Mode on the AirTag, which will cause all iPhones connected to the Find My Network to secretly search for your missing cat.

You will receive an anonymous location update as soon as the cat’s collar comes within your AirTag’s line of sight.

If you choose to switch on this function, someone who discovers the Apple AirTag the conventional way can utilize any NFC-enabled device, whether it is an Apple device or not, to figure out basic contact details for you so that they may return it to you.

You’ll be relieved to learn that Apple has given privacy precautions a lot of care, particularly when ensuring that the AirTags can’t be used inappropriately given the tracker’s nature.

An AirTag cannot be activated on behalf of another person, and your iPad, iPhone, and other iOS devices will notify you of any unknown AirTags you are carrying if they are detected.

If an AirTag is separated from its holder for a long time but continues to move location, it will automatically call attention to it by playing a sound, even if you don’t own an Apple device.

Additionally, if you own an Android phone, you can use Apple’s Tracker Detect software to manually search for AirTags if you believe you are being tracked.

Nevertheless, the present systems are not flawless.

Many Android users, in particular, are dissatisfied with the Tracker Detect software’s inability to operate in the background continuously since, unless you remember to check yourself on a regular basis, you can still be followed without realizing it.

Additionally, although the disc-shaped device can be easily tucked away in a wallet or backpack, it’s a little inconvenient that you need to buy extra accessories to track objects like your keys – especially considering that Apple’s item tracker isn’t the cheapest product available.

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Price And Availability Of The Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags are available in packs of 4 for $99 or individually for $29 each.

A supplementary key chain or loop is required if you wish to secure an AirTag to your bicycle, keys, or other items. These are available in silicone and leather and start at $29.

There are a few legally licenced AirTag holders made by a third-party company, Belkin, that are sold alongside Apple’s own accessories in the Apple Store and are somewhat less expensive.

We anticipate that more third-party accessories will soon start to emerge on Amazon and other websites.

Apple AirTag Design

The Apple AirTag is minimalistic and light. It may be attached to keys, luggage, and other objects with optional accessories. It’s also IP67-rated water-resistant which is useful for cat collars.

The steel disc features a built-in speaker that will play a noise. It also has a detachable plastic cover that secures the CR2032 cell that powers the AirTag.

The AirTag doesn’t come with a clip or tag by default, however it can be tucked inside a bag, wallet, or coat pocket.

Additional key fobs and clips in leather or silicone are available from Apple or other companies like Belkin if you intend to clip it to keys and other objects like cat collars.

The AirTag is eligible for Apple’s free engraving service, allowing you to add text, numbers, and emoticons to the sleek plastic cover to make it easier to distinguish which AirTag is which when you have several of them.

The AirTag does have an IP67 rating, so it will endure an unexpected dunk in a large puddle or the bath.

Apple hasn’t specified the AirTags’ Bluetooth range, but since Bluetooth 5.0—the newest version of the technology—is already included in the iPhone 12 and has a range of 800 feet/240 meters, we assume that AirTags are compatible with it.

Apple AirTag Performance

There is no way to monitor your location thanks to privacy features. Someone who discovers your AirTag can get in touch with you thanks to lost mode.

Similar to most iPhone accessories, setting up the AirTag is incredibly straightforward.

In the Find My app, selecting the AirTag from the list of objects displays numerous options, one of which is Play Sound.

In order to help you find the AirTag, it employs Ultra Wideband technology to determine how far and in which position the iPhone is from it. It then displays the information on-screen as well as through haptic feedback.

Apple AirTag Battery Life

The Apple AirTag uses a CR2032 battery for power. It is simple to change the battery on the AirTag.

Apple claims that the CR2032 battery that powers the AirTag would last upwards of a year until it needs to be replaced, assuming that the tracker is used for Precision Finding once daily and is set to ring four times each day.

Simply hold your AirTag with the coloured side facing down and twist towards the right to release the metal cover and reveal the battery.

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Should You Get Your Cat An Apple AirTag?

Owing to the on-screen instructions and proximity countdown, the Precision Finding function makes it much simpler to find lost objects than it would be to simply listen for the AirTag’s sound.

At the moment, this feature is only available from the Apple AirTag, no other location trackers on the market offer it.

In order to prevent misuse, Apple has built many privacy measures into AirTags.

These features range from alerting you on your iPad or iPhone if an unfamiliar AirTag is following you around to preventing you from setting up an AirTag on someone else’s behalf.

You can simply alter the appearance of the AirTag to match your cat’s collar with accessories by using compatible clips and key fobs that come in a variety of colors and materials, including silicone and leather.

If you’re on a tight budget, it might be worth looking at cheaper options which we’ll go over below. The AirTag costs $29, which is comparable to other location tracking devices on the market.

However, if you wish to fasten them to keys, bags, or anything else, you’ll need to buy a strap or keyfob that is optional and costs the same amount as or more than Apple’s own accessories, making it an expensive way to find lost items.

If you don’t own an iOS device, AirTags aren’t for you because there is no way to configure and use one with an Android tablet or smartphone.

Giving a close relative use of your location tracker might expedite the process of finding a lost item, particularly if you’d like someone else to look for it.

Contrary to the rival Tile, AirTags does not provide that.

Other Location Trackers To Consider

Tile Mate (2022)

The Tile range of location trackers are excellent choices if you do not own an iPhone or iPad that is compatible with trackers or if you’d like to buy a device that is less expensive and platform independent.

The trackers from Tile are a little less expensive and have many of the same features as the Apple AirTag.

Tile Pro

Far more of a rival to AirTag is the more expensive Tile Pro.

The Tile Mate model lacks ultra-wideband tagging and has a smaller range than the AirTag, but it is platform neutral, which means it functions with both iOS and Android smartphones, and it can be connected quickly without the use of any other attachments.

Final Thoughts

The AirTag is accurate and well-tolerated even though it wasn’t made to track cats. Its greatest advantage is being noticeable by the substantial number of smartphone owners in your suburb, as long as people realize what it cannot do.

A GPS device would be a superior option if you need to know where your cat goes when it routinely goes outside. Our opinion is that it’s a good investment as a backup for an indoor cat.

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