Complete Kirkland Dog Bed Brand Review
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Complete Kirkland Dog Bed Brand Review

Kirkland is a brand that you would probably be very familiar with if you were a Costco member. This is Costco’s in-house brand, and they sell hundreds of products under it, including dog beds.

Costco is a massive warehouse that operates under the premise that buying in bulk is less expensive. And when purchasing in bulk, the total cost of what you are buying decreases,s leading you to save money in the long run.

Costco is renowned for carrying premium national and regional products with a satisfaction guarantee of one hundred percent.

Members may also purchase Kirkland Signature products, which are supposed to be of equivalent or higher quality than national brands and include juice, cookies, coffee, housewares, luggage, apparel, and more.

Though the Costco warehouses are massive, if you’re looking for a Kirkland dog bed you may be out of luck as they don’t seem to stock many of them.

If after reading this review you have your heart set on one of these beds though, there’s no need to panic! Costco provides an extensive online selection that covers all bases.

If you’re looking for a new extra-comfy bed for your pooch, then you can’t go wrong with Kirland dog beds. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out all about the amazing dog beds!

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Kirkland Dog Beds Overview

Costco has a reputation for providing economical, high-quality products. However, some pet owners may not know that Costco’s private Kirkland Signature brand line offers an extensive selection of pet products.

Kirkland dog beds are available in thirty distinct styles to accommodate the unique demands of individual pets.

Some beds are suitable for all types of dogs, including cuddlers, couches, and bolster designs. However, if you have a Great Dane, Labrador, or another large dog, it may be difficult to find one that will work.

Costco may be known for bulky things, but its selection of dog beds is the exact opposite. You may be fortunate since the collection is often updated.

In their usual collection though the largest beds we discovered were 40″ pillow top orthopedics and 42″ rounds.

These products are mostly intended for small to medium-sized dog breeds, with an emphasis on small. The cuddlers and nest beds are suited for canines weighing up to 10 pounds.

There is also a couch bed made for extra small dogs with 20″ x 25″ overall dimensions and an even smaller sleeping area.

What To Know Before Purchase

Before we dive into the review of the Kirkland brand and its dog beds, there are a few very important things that you need to know before purchasing one of these beds.

First of all, the availability of these beds changes often. Suppose you visit the Costco website, and find the perfect Kirkland dog bed, but instead of buying it then and there, you decide to wait for a day or two.

By the time you go back to the website, it could be gone. The in-stock options are always changing, so if you find the perfect dog bed, buy it straight away!

Saying that there is always far more choice when shopping for a Kirkland bed on the Costco website, as they don’t seem to stock the beds in their physical locations very often. When they do, the selection can be pretty small.

But buying in-store is also a great way to get a sense of the quality and durability of the product, so you may prefer to do that if you want to be sure you’re getting a great and long-lasting product.

In terms of the products themselves, they aren’t available in many sizes. In fact, each type of dog bed is only available in one size.

So you may love the feel of a smaller bed, but if you have a bigger dog, you won’t be able to buy this same bed in a bigger size.

Also, for a few of the products, you may need to assemble them yourself. This isn’t a huge issue, as a dog bed won’t have many parts, but it’s still something to keep in mind when purchasing it.

Complete Kirkland Dog Bed Brand Review

Best Features

Kirkland Signature dog beds may not offer a wide variety of sizes, but you can’t argue with their quality. Except for the very smallest models, the structure of all of these beds is sturdy and the mattresses are supportive.

Here are a few of the best features of Kirkland dog beds:

  • Upholstery-grade fabric
  • The memory foam
  • Covered zippers
  • Machine-washable, removable covers
  • Heavy-duty YKK zippers
  • Options for dogs who require additional support
  • Fashionable hues and patterns
  • Substantial mattresses

In terms of cost, Kirkland dog beds are reasonably priced given their qualities.

They are moderately priced beds that should last for quite some time. However, they are not completely chew-resistant, so the larger beds are more cost-effective because they are sturdier and more supportive for your pet.

Style And Sizing

If you’ve never bought a bed from Costco before, then you should know that the process is a bit different compared to other stores.

In most stores, you select a style and then select a size from a list. This is not the case with Costco’s variety of dog beds.

The products we are about to tell you about below are only available in one size. For instance, a hexagon cuddler has a diameter of 25 inches, period. You will not find a 30″ or larger cuddler.

There are five types of dog beds under the Kirkland brand, with each one being a different shape or size, so you have to pick the one that will suit your dog’s needs best.

Nest Beds

Nest beds are the most popular ones sold under the Kirkland brand. It’s the highest-rated model of all of their beds, and once you see how unique it is it’s hard not to agree.

This bed is perfect for the smallest dog breeds or puppies. This is essentially a sunken bed with a circular padded wall surrounding it.

Puppies find this bed especially entertaining because they can hide in it and can sort of burrow down as they get cozy.

The Nest Bed only comes in blue and is just 24 inches in diameter, with half of its surface area devoted to a pillow liner.

In addition to being machine-washable like other Kirkland dog beds, the pillow is also removable and reversible. Nest dog beds are not widely available and are a treat for smaller breeds.


While Nest Beds are uncommon, Cuddler beds are very easy to find. Compared to usual cuddler dog beds, which come in rectangular or spherical shapes, the Kirkland model is hexagonal. It has a 25-inch diameter, foam base, and gel memory foam cover.

The surrounding walls are softer than the sofa-style beds and help smaller breeds with pressure point alleviation.

There are hardly any issues with this bed, except for maybe its higher price. This bed comes in far more colors and patterns than other Kirkland dog beds, including patterned blue and gray.


There are two varieties of mattress-style dog beds offered by Kirkland Signature; the 42” Round and the Pillow Top Orthopedic – 36″ x 40″

The Pillow Top bed features an orthopedic memory foam base with cooling gel and a fiber-filled cover, making it an excellent choice for older dogs or pets with slight mobility issues.

It can completely support the weight of your dog as they lie in it, allowing them to sleep comfortably.

The 42” Round mattress seems to be the most popular out of the two options though.

It’s a more appealing bed with a patterned gusset and provides your dog with additional space to roll around. This would be ideal for a slightly younger dog who wants to stretch out.

This set focuses more on the mattress and less on the overall design and color options, as this bed only comes in beige, tan, and taupe.

Either bed is suitable for most dogs, including those that require additional assistance.

The Mattress-style dog beds are the priciest option available, with them often costing around $80.


L-shaped beds consist of rectangular mattresses with two bolsters or sides that join to form an L.

Kirkland’s Medium Bolster Bed measures 28″ x 36″ and features a foam foundation and memory foam topper. Included in the color options are navy plaid and brown embossed.

This kind of dog bed will cost you around $60.


Kirkland offers 2 sofa-style beds with two or three bolsters that look pretty similar to the L-shaped bed. They resemble small sofas in that they have a back and two sides.

Your first option when it comes to this style of dog bed is the Tailored Couch Bed. This has a size of 28” x 26” inches, making it better for larger dogs.

This bed also comes in a pretty wide range of colors for Kirkland beds, including blue, gray, brown, tan, and cream.

The second option for this style of bed is the Small Sofa Bed. This bed is 20” x 25” so it’s better for smaller dogs. It only comes in brown though.

The base of these beds is made of orthopedic foam, and the smaller version’s bolsters are softer and more cushioned.

Both of these beds will cost you $60 on average.

Durability And Cleaning

A lot of customers have said that this dog has still suited them and their pets pretty well after two years, which shows that these beds must at least be somewhat durable.

Even if you have a more excitable dog who loves to scratch and play, you should see hardly any damage to the bed after 2 years. This includes very few fabric tears or defects, and hardly any loose stitching.

Most of the Kirkland beds come with a removable cover that makes it very easy to clean the bed.

Getting it off and on again might be a bit of a hassle at first, but once you get the technique down it will be much easier.

To wash the cover, simply throw it into the washing machine. It’s best to let the cover air dry rather than put it in a dryer. Make sure that everything is completely dry before you put this bed back together.

Policies And Warranties

Whether you purchase a Kirkland dog bed online or in-store, you can return it to one of 800 global warehouses if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

So long as the bed is still in good condition and you’re still within the return time, you should be able to get a refund for this bed with no issues.

Contact Costco for questions regarding manufacturer faults, and a customer service agent will explain the return or exchange procedure.

Pros And Cons Of Kirkland Dog Beds


  • Different types, ranging from orthopedic to cuddlers
  • The upholstery fabric can withstand scratching and chewing
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish patterns and hues to suit your décor
  • Pressure point relief models
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Customer contentment return policy
  • Loyal clients
  • Online purchases can be returned to any Costco location


  • Some assembly is necessary (except mattress-style)
  • Each style of bed only comes in a maximum of two sizes, with most only having one size.

Best Kirkland Beds To Try

These are the very best Kirkland beds to buy. Not all of these will be currently available, as Costco constantly rotate its available stock.

If your bed of choice is not in stock right now, check back in a few days to try your luck again.

Kirkland Signature Dog Sofa Bed

Memory foam sits on a base made of orthopedic foam in this couch bed, providing superior levels of comfort and support for your pet.

The upholstery-grade fabric offers the highest possible level of durability for extended periods of use, which is great for the more excitable dogs.

The majority of canines find the filling to be exceptionally comfy, and they love the sense of security that the bolsters offer.

Rectangular Cuddler Dog Bed

Your dog will feel a heightened sense of security in an area that is reminiscent of a den thanks to the high side and back bolsters of this bed.

Kirkland’s renowned orthopedic foam foundation and upholstery fabric are both included in this dog bed. In addition, anxious dogs could feel a lot calmer when they are in a cuddler bed similar to this one.

Kirkland Signature Plaid Bolster Bed

This dog bed provides the same comfort and support as the medium bolster bed, but it comes in a visually appealing plaid pattern.

The addition of a fleece cover to this bed makes it even more comfortable, although it may be more difficult to clean.

This bed is a wonderful option for more active canines that do not need orthopedic support but do enjoy stretching out.

Air-Engineered Bed

MOLECULE Pet Bed, Cooling Technology, Water & Stain Resistant, Easy to Wash Pet Bed (Small)

This high-tech dog bed is available for purchase at Costco, but it is not a part of the Kirkland Signature brand.

The two-in-one design includes a cushion that can be flipped over to reveal either a toasty or a cooling side.

Additional dog-friendly features, like as covered zippers and a sticky bottom, will also be appreciated by pet owners who want the very best for their pets.

Orthopedic Bolster Bed

This one-of-a-kind dog bed features an orthopedic base with a top layer of cooling memory foam for added comfort.

Memory foam may also be easily removed from the cover made of upholstery-grade fabric to facilitate cleaning.

This is the ideal spot for senior hairy dogs that are prone to overheating to slumber during the middle of the day.

Medium Bolster Dog Bed

Kirkland Signature Brown Faux Leather Cream Bolstered Sofa Pet Bed

For canines that like to sprawl out with a headrest, a hybrid design features two bolsters in addition to two open sides of the bed.

The cover is detachable and can be cleaned in the washing machine for your convenience.

However, the foam foundation and fiber filling of this dog bed makes it an excellent choice for animals who want to sleep on a cushioned surface.

2-In-1 Rectangular Bed

This deluxe dog bed comes with a pillow that can be removed and used for travel or as a mat inside the cage.

The sleeping surface is soft, and pressure spots are eliminated thanks to the use of cooling gel memory foam.

This bed is a favorite among dog owners for their canine companions that spend time both inside and outside of their crates while they sleep.

Faux Leather Bolster Bed

This dog bed’s one-of-a-kind upholstery is made of a faux leather material that looks well with the furniture you already have in your home.

However, in contrast to genuine leather, the cover can be removed and is both long-lasting and washable in a machine. The foam base is also excellent for canines that like a more substantial bed filling.

Gray Cuddler Bed

A base made of orthopedic foam and a filling made of foam work together to give dogs and puppies who have joint disorders the most comfortable bed possible.

The attractive gray pattern on the upholstery-grade fabric is effective at concealing any little stains that may occur in between washings. The majority of dogs adore the cave-like atmosphere of this bed.

Costco Dog Bed Buyers Guide

Depending on their size, breed, age, and overall health, many canines have varying preferences when it comes to their beds.

Here are a few of the most important things to think about when buying your pet a new bed.


Before going out to get a new dog bed, the first thing you should think about is the bed’s size.

The most reliable method for working out what size you need is to take a quick measurement of your pet while they nap.

To determine the length of the dog bed that would provide them with the greatest level of comfort, simply add 8 to 12 inches to this final measurement.


Dog beds need to be made of materials that are not only pleasant to sleep on but also long-lasting. The gnawing and scratching of puppies might cause damage to the exterior cover.

Puppies that are accustomed to sleeping on more sensitive surfaces will find comfort in softer fabrics such as fleece, but these materials may not be able to survive the harm caused by more destructive canines.

Materials like suede, microfiber, and polyester may hold up better over time and be easier to clean.


The amount of support that a dog needs will impact what kind of filling you want in the dog bed, and this can range widely. Polyfill has a pliable and malleable texture, whereas foam has a more solid consistency.

Dogs that are older and have arthritis need orthopedic beds, which provide therapeutic support by lowering pressure points on painful joints. These beds are necessary for older dogs.

How To Clean

Beds, like many other products for pets, have the potential to become dirty quickly.

Washability is improved by removable covers since they enable dog owners to clean mud and hair off unclean surfaces without having to throw the entire bed into the washing machine at once.

There are dog bed materials that can be machine washed, but there are also dog bed materials that are resistant to stains and tears and can be hand washed successfully.


You probably already know how crucial durability is to the longevity of a pet bed because your dog uses it as a giant chew toy regularly.

Chewing is extremely detrimental to foam-filled fabric mattresses because of the fabric’s porous nature.

Heavy chewers would be better served by sturdy elevated beds made of a fabric that resembles canvas and a frame made of aluminum.


While Kirkland beds are excellent in terms of quality and durability, we can’t help but feel a little let down by the lack of size options.

While they seem to serve smaller breeds well, there are hardly any options for larger breeds.

Except for the sizing issue, we have very few complaints about this brand of dog bed. You will discover that these beds are quite robust as they feature resilient bolsters and resilient mattresses.

The cloth is exceptionally durable to resist scratching and biting. Unless you have a dog who is extremely determined to discover what’s inside the bed, very few of these beds should rip or tear.

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