What Are the Best Pet Carriers for Hiking?

Leading an active lifestyle can mean you’re away from your pet quite often. Whether you’re hiking, running, cycling, or playing a sport, it can take up a lot of time. It’s great to stay active, of course. But, think about how much better it might be to bring your dog along with you. The idea has made pet carriers for hiking an increasingly popular solution for active individuals.

As a pet owner or animal lover, it’s probably not far-fetched to assume you’d like to take your furry friend with you just about everywhere you go. Our pets are a part of our families, and when you enjoy an active lifestyle, it’s okay to want to bring them along.

Unfortunately, aside from a leisurely walk or casual jog, activities can feel limited when it comes to including your dog. Thanks to products like dog carrier backpacks, that reality is changing. With a backpack designed to take your four-legged friend with you on your hikes, you both can enjoy the great outdoors together. Hiking carriers are designed with your dog in mind. They’re meant to be durable and comfortable for your pet.

Using Pet Carriers for Hiking

Making sure both you and your dog like the carrier of your choice is important. If one involved party doesn’t like it, the whole experience can turn negative. If your dog isn’t already used to an active lifestyle, it may be a good idea to first introduce them to the hiking or running trail. Even a little exposure can help. When your dog is more accustomed to being with you in different situations, they’re likely to handle things better.

What's a good Pet Carriers for Hiking?

Benefits for Your Dog

If you do think your dog is ready for a carrier, consider the benefits that they’ll experience:

  • A dog carrier backpack for running or hiking makes it easy for dogs of any age to come with you on your adventures. Whether you have a puppy who gets tired out quickly or an older dog who has joint issues, lack of stamina, etc., it’s a great solution for when your pet gets tired and needs a break from walking. This can be true when on unfamiliar terrain for the dog. Even if you use the carrier as a ‘backup’ to walking, you’ll be glad you have it in case your dog gets tired.
  • The carrier will allow dogs to be able to keep up. If you have a very small dog, they’ll get to enjoy the hike/run without restrictions.
  • With either front or rear-facing pet carriers, you’ll experience a closer bond with your dog as you take them with you on your adventures.
  • These carriers are safer than standard leashes. Depending on where you’re hiking, you wouldn’t want a leash to snap, allowing your dog to run off into dangerous territory. A carrier keeps them safe, and close to you, so you both can enjoy the great outdoors without any stress.

What to Look for in a Good Carrier

There are three things to consider when purchasing a pet carrier:

Excellent Design

A pet carrier should be able to work effectively for both you and your dog. It should have adjustable straps, and an easy-to-clean liner or removable section. Some designs tend to come with a lot of ‘bells and whistles.’ These extra features are nice, but they’re more a matter of personal taste. Take a look at the durability of the material, and the ease of use when considering the overall design.

Versatility is also important when it comes to design. Some dog backpacks come with wheels. Others can be converted into kennel-style carriers for travel. This Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveler is a perfect example of that type of versatility. Click on the link below to read our review:

Comfortable for Everyone

It might seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll want your carrier to be comfortable for both of you. If your dog isn’t comfortable, they’ll probably have no problem letting you know. Again, adjustable straps come into play here. Straps with padding can also help to alleviate stress on your shoulders. For your dog, a cozy padded liner, and ample room for their feet can make things more comfortable for them. If you’re on a long hike, you’ll appreciate a little extra ‘luxury’ from your carrier.

Safety & Security

Keeping your dog safe should be a top priority. While they’ll be attached to you in their carrier, the durability of the material and how it holds up is important. Some carriers are designed specifically for a more active lifestyle. Considering one with all of the sporty bells and whistles could be a big help to both you, and your dog. Products like this Petsfit carrier are specifically designed for taking your dog hiking, running, or even cycling. Knowing your dog is secure can offer peace of mind.

Perfect for Any Trail

It can feel a little overwhelming, finding the ‘perfect’ carrier for your dog. The good news is that there are plenty because there is a high demand. Now more than ever, people have a desire to take their pets with them wherever they go.

But, as a pet owner, you probably already know that it’s not uncommon for different dogs to require or ‘like’ different things. As long as you can find pet carriers for hiking that offer safety, durability, and comfort for both you and your pet, you should feel confident in your selection. If you’re catering to your pet’s special needs (age, size, etc.), take that into consideration. Once you find the right fit, you’ll love being able to take your dog with you as you go hiking, running, or go on other active treks.