can i cut dog's hair with human clippers?
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Can You Cut Dog Hair with Human Clippers?

Grooming dogs can be a constant source of chagrin for many owners. Many elements, such as taking a bath or having their nails clipped, are likely to send your dog spiraling into a meltdown. How about trimming dog hair with human clippers, though? Dog grooming is a successful business for […]

xylitol free peanut butter brands
Pet Health Questions and Answers

Is Peanut Butter Toxic to Dogs?

Many owners and trainers give dogs peanut butter as a reward for good behavior. It’s a delicious and versatile indulgence that can also be used for distraction, training purposes, and entertainment. Most canines enjoy the rich and creamy taste! Other than sugar-free peanut butter being a health risk for dogs, […]