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Common Reasons Why a Dog is Pacing and Unsettled

Dog is Pacing and Unsettled

It can be hard for a pet owner to see their dog acting stressed and anxious. But, there are several reasons why a dog could be pacing and unsettled. Some have to deal with excitement, while others are more worrisome. The more you know about the additional symptoms, and the causes behind them, the more […]

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Why Is My Dog Panting and Restless When Not Hot?

Why is my Dog Panting and Restless When Not Hot?

If you’re a pet owner, you probably have a good idea of how much your dog pants. There are plenty of healthy, normal reasons for a dog to be breathing hard; from temporary exertion to excitement, or even to cool down. A dog doesn’t sweat the way human beings do, so panting is necessary to […]

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What Are the Causes of Excessive Salivation in Dogs?


It’s perfectly normal for dogs to drool. In fact, most people expect it to happen. Some dogs drool more than others, and that’s perfectly normal. But, when does drooling ‘cross the line’ into dangerous territory? What are the causes of excessive salivation in dogs? The toughest thing to determine is how much is too much? Most […]

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How to Prevent Travel Anxiety in Dogs

How to prevent Travel Anxiety in Dogs

There are a few stereotypes that come to mind when it comes to dogs and travel. The idea of a dog getting excited over a ride in the car, or just being able to go anywhere with their owner is the picture we’re often given. But, that excitement in dogs isn’t always the case. The […]

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