Behavioral Problems

dog scared of stainless steel bowl

Why is My Dog Afraid of Its Food Bowl?

Your dog spends the day trying to ‘guilt’ you into feeding them. Canines adore food, and dinnertime is regularly the highlight of their day. So, why are so many dogs terrified of their food bowl? This article will take an in-depth look at the possible reasons why your dog is […]

how to keep a dog from running out of the yard

How to Keep a Dog from Escaping the Yard

We all want our dogs to enjoy a sense of freedom and happiness in the home, but certain boundaries need to be put in place for your pet’s safety. Canines are curious creatures by nature, and when we couple this with hunting instincts and their extremely keen sense of smell […]

why does my dog sniff me so much?

What Does It Mean When a Dog Sniffs You?

Sniffing is a behavior that comes as naturally to dogs as eating, drinking, and breathing. Thanks in no small part to their extremely potent sense of smell, canines experience new sensations through their noses. There’s more to a dog’s tendency to sniff and inhale. We’ll answer every question about this […]

why do dogs like to hold hands?

Why Does My Dog Keep Giving Me Its Paw?

Canine body language is a source of fascination for humans. We are forever assessing what a dog could be thinking and feeling based on the position of their tail (for example, does it mean they’re sick?), and interpreting whether those big, brown eyes are sad or just sleepy. One thing […]

Why Dogs Lie on your feet

Why Does My Dog Lay Its Head on My Feet?

Pet owners know that dogs can sleep almost anywhere. It’s an impressive ability and one that any human insomniac will envy. As long as you’re not asking why your dog is sleeping more than usual and fretting about a possible health problem, then watching a canine snooze is one of […]