Best Blogs For Dachshund Owners
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Famous Weiners! 6 must-follow blogs for Dachshund owners

Do you love weiner dogs as much as we do? Maybe you share your home with a Sausage dog or two?

Well, if you are a Dachshund owner, we’ve got just the list of blogs for you!

But, why would you want to follow blogs about your favorite dog breed?

Well, apart from seeing all those cute sausage dog photos, reading dog blogs can be useful.

You can read about people’s experiences of hiking with, traveling with, and training their Dachshunds. Learn more about food and nutrition. Or just enjoy interacting with people who love the breed as much as you do!

So, let’s kick things off with:

You did what with your Weiner?

Best Blogs For Dachshund Owners You Did That With Your Weiner

If you love the great outdoors, ‘You did what with your Weiner?’ is the perfect blog for you.

Following the travels of Gretel and Summit – two smooth-haired and utterly adorable Dachshunds – and their human companion Jessica, this blog primarily covers hiking and camping.

Think Dachshunds are more suited to your lap than a mountain trail? Well, according to Jessica, you should think again.

In fact, Jessica regularly takes her two companions out for hikes. And they seem very happy with this arrangement!

Why should I trust this blog?

Well, Jessica openly admits that she is not a veterinarian. But she is something of a seasoned Dachshund blogger.

Her blog which began in 2010 is still going strong, and she’s been a Weiner parent for over 15 years!

In fact, many people consider Jessica to be the go-to person for all things Dachshund. And that’s why she’s been invited to do interviews on radio and TV.

In addition to her blogging, Jessica has also run a Dachsund club for 7 years, meaning she’s met a lot of Sausage dogs in her time.

Of course, as Jessica, herself says, you should always consult your vet if you’re in any doubt about your dog’s capabilities. But if you are looking for some additional, friendly advice from a seasoned Weiner owner, “You did what with your Weiner?” is hard to beat.

And what else does she blog about?

Most of Jessica’s blog posts are about camping and hiking, but that’s not all she shares with her followers. ‘You did what with your Weiner?’ also includes posts about Dachsund nutrition, funny memes, and little known facts about the breed. 

Sound good? Well, we agree. In fact, here at Pet Carrier Verdict, we love Jessica’s blog! So, before we move on to our next blog, let’s take a look at some of your favorite posts:

Our favorite ‘You did what with your Weiner?’ posts:

If you’re new to hiking with your four-legged friend, this list of 10 must-have items is amazing for helping you decide what to pack for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

With years of experience under her belt, Jessica’s guide to enjoying National Parks with your dog is a fabulous resource for anyone wanting to experience the great American outdoors.

If like many people, you’re not sure how much exercise your Weiner needs, this blog post is the most useful thing you could read this year.

Frankie the Lil Sausage

Best Blogs for Dachshund Owners Frankie the Lil Sausage

This Australian superstar may only be small, but she’s definitely big on personality. Based in Melbourne, this high-flying pooch spends her days making friends and indulging in long lunches at some of the trendiest food spots in the city.

Oh, and does she look familiar?

Well, maybe that’s because she has graced the pages of Vogue (yes, really!).

So, when she’s not busy modeling, what does Frankie write about? Let’s take a look:

What are our favorite posts?

All of Frankie’s posts are delightful, but our favorites have to be:

Listen as Frankie explains the benefits of bringing your Weiner into the office!

Why would you want to train your dog to ring a bell?

Well, apart from the fact that it’s an adorable party trick, ringing a bell is an easy way to teach your dog to signal when they need a bathroom break.

And Frankie has helpfully written a blog post explaining how her human parents taught her this trick. Thanks, Frankie!

Not only is this blog post useful, but the photos of Frankie are adorable!

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Best Blogs For Dachshund owners Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

OK, so we’ve just seen a celebrity Sausage dog’s blog. But do you want one more?

Well, look no further than ‘Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund’.

With his cool guy good looks, this mini superstar has his fair share of fans.

And, he doesn’t just upload blog posts. No, this little Weiner loves the camera too. And that means that we get to watch him on video too!

Oh, and did we mention, this busy pup has written his own book… pretty impressive, right?

So, what does he blog about?

Well, mainly about himself.

What can we say, Crusoe knows he’s a star. So, follow this blog if you want a behind the scenes glimpse into Crusoe’s world.

Read about what happens on a Sausage dog book tour, and step behind the camera to find out how he shoots his videos.

And which blog posts are our favorites?

All of Crusoe’s blog posts are so much fun, it’s hard to pick favorites.

But, just for you, we’ve selected our top 3 (Oh and, fair warning, we can’t promise you won’t get addicted to his videos after reading these posts!):

If you loved Game of Thrones as much as we did, you simply can’t miss this blog post. And, if you don’t have time to read the blog post right now,  you can watch the video here:

Because who hasn’t dreamed of reading about a Doxie on his very own book tour?

OK, so we might be getting a little too obsessed with Crusoe… but who can blame us? Just take a look at this behind the scenes ‘Tell all’ and we’re sure you’ll be just as invested as us!


Best Blogs for Dachshund Owners Sausage Tails

Following the adventures of the gorgeous wire-coated Jeffrey (also known as Jeff), ‘SausageTails’ is a fun blog written from the perspective of Jeff himself… Though we’re sure that his mom helps out!

Jeff has a super fun life with his adorable human brother (or ‘Hoobro’ in Jeff’s words), Joey. And he has a fabulous extended family of dogs and cats.

So, is it all for fun?

No, in addition to chronicling Jeff’s adventures, ‘SausageTails’ also does the occasional review post.

These reviews are useful for anyone with a Weiner who wants to buy Dachshund approved supplies, like beds or food. And sometimes, Jeff even provides a discount code!

Here at Pet Carrier Verdict, we love to read about Jeff’s Sausage life. But, which are our favorite posts?

Our favorite ‘SausageTails’ posts:

Cute pun? Check! Cute costumes? Check! Cute friends? Check! What’s not to love?

OK, Jeff is the king of puns. But that’s not all we love about this blog post.

We also love seeing him have such a good time getting treats and playing in a doggy ball pool!

What’s better than seeing one Weiner enjoying his walkies? Seeing a whole pack of them of course!

Ammo the Dachshund

Best Blogs For Dachshund Owners Ammo the Dachshund

Not only does sweet little Ammo entertain the customers at his mom’s shop, but he also runs his own blog!

Luckily for Ammo, his mom (Kyley) is quite the photographer. And now he gets to share his supermodel tendencies with the world.

(Seriously, check out the photos of Ammo and his family all dressed up for Halloween here!)

So, what does Ammo blog about?

With the help of his human family, Ammo the Dachshund blogs about his adventures, DIY projects, adorable photos, and trendy pet products.

And if you watch his page closely, you might just find some special discount codes to treat your own Weiner.

And our favorite Ammo blog posts?

For Ammo’s blog, our favorite posts have to be:

One of our favorite things about ‘Ammo the Dachshund’ is the gorgeous (and often funny) photos of Ammo and his family.

It’s clear little Ammo is well-loved. And this post is one of our favorites because it shows Ammo having fun with his family in a creative way.

If you’re anything like us, your love of your dog extends to the holiday season. And that’s why we love this step-by-step crafting guide.

Here at Pet Carrier Verdict, we are big on pet safety. And that’s why we think this blog post is well worth reading.

Diary of a Diabetic Dachshund

Best Blogs for Dachshund Owners Diary of a Diabetic Dachshund

It’s a sad fact of life, but sometimes our beloved pets get sick. And little Beignet has suffered more ill-health than most.

With diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, IBD, & dry eye, Beignet has it tough. But luckily, she has a super dog mom around to keep her as healthy as possible.

And why is ‘Diary of a Diabetic Dachshund’ a must-follow blog?

Now, this blog is a little less polished than the other options we’ve shared. It doesn’t include discount codes to doggy products, and nor does it use any snazzy marketing techniques.

But, Bennie’s lovely mom does an amazing job of sharing the daily realities of caring for a pet with health conditions, and their blog is a great testament to the bond between humans and dogs.

Plus, if you ever find yourself dealing with a poorly Weiner, ‘Diary of a Diabetic Dachshund’ is sure to make sure you feel less alone.

So, what are our favorite posts?

Finding out that your dog is diabetic is never fun… But it can save their life.

And that’s why we advise every Weiner owner to read this post to find out how Bennie’s mom first spotted the signs.

We loved reading about how Bennie’s mom keeps organized, especially since insulin doses need to be so precise.

Too often, we forget about the emotional and physical tole caring for a pet with a medical condition can be. And that’s why we love this post.

In ‘Diary of a Diabetic Dog Mom’, Bennie’s mom opens up about her own struggles, and we love her even more for it!