Are Cats Allowed In Hotels
Travel With Dogs And Cats

Are Cats Allowed In Hotels?

Regardless of the type of animal you’re taking on vacation, planning a trip with a pet can be a particular pain in the neck. This is especially the case with cats. 

Before setting out on your journey, there are a few things you need to consider first. These include whether or not you have a pet-friendly lodge where your furry friend and yourself can comfortably rest. 

This leads us to the question: do hotels allow cats? Well, this answer is entirely dependent on the hotel. As such, some hotels will allow cats while others won’t. 

For whatever reason, some hotels don’t accommodate cats. Therefore, searching for the right hotel can sometimes be overwhelming, 

In addition to location, you need to consider comfort, cost, and amenities. 

With this in mind, we have outlined everything you need to know about whether or not cats can stay in hotels (see also ‘Sharing A Hotel Room With Your Cat: Everything You Need To Know‘). 

Plus, we have even spared you the trouble of searching for the best cat-friendly hotels by listing some below. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

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Can Cats Stay In Hotels?

As previously mentioned, the answer to this question is yes and no. 

On one hand, some hotels are extremely welcoming to all pets with inclusive policies. While others have a strict no-pet policy. 

Why Some Hotels Don’t Allow Cats

Some hotels may claim to be ‘pet-friendly’, however, when it comes to checking in, it turns out they only allow dogs, not cats. 

This can be a somewhat frustrating experience, with many cat owners feeling discriminated against. Although, you may be wondering about the factors behind this decision. 

Well, below, we have outlined some of the main reasons why your cat won’t be allowed in a particular hotel. These include: 

  • Clinging cats can produce loud yowling and meowing sounds that can disturb other guests on the same floor. For instance, Siamese cats are naturally louder than other breeds. 
  • Cats are known to claw or scratch hotel bedding or furniture. Since cats love to stretch and sharpen their claws, this behavior doesn’t come as a surprise factoring into the hotel’s decision. 
  • Cat urine smells particularly bad and can be hard to remove from certain fabrics. If your cat were to urinate indoors, the hotel staff would worry about the discomfort of other guests. 
  • Unneutered male cats are none to spray as a result of their territorial instincts. This could create a foul odor on a hotel’s carpet or furniture – plus, it is extremely challenging to remove. Hence, some pet-friendly hotels even require a certificate showing proof that your cat is neutered before allowing you to stay. 
  • Some hotels are worried about flea or rabies infestations taking place in their hotel rooms. 
  • Cats are known to shed fur, leaving loose hair all over the furniture and carpet. 
  • Some guests could be allergic to cats. Since not all guests could be cat lovers, thus it would only make sense, from a business perspective, to not accommodate cats as it compromises the comfort of their paying guests. 

Why Do Some Hotels Allow Dogs But Not Cats?

As previously mentioned, it is a known fact that while some hotels claim to be ‘pet-friendly’ they will only allow dogs as opposed to cats. For instance, one example is the Westin Jersey City Newport Marriott. 

On their pet policy, they specifically state that they accept dogs but not cats. In fact, two dogs up to 40 lbs are permitted, however, no cats are allowed. 

The reasons for this differ between hotels. However, it could be any of the reasons listed above. 

Therefore, before making any booking, ensure your ‘pet-friendly’ hotel actually allows cats to avoid any dejection. 

Are Cats Allowed In Hotels?

Hotels That Allow Cats

However, despite all this, there are some hotel chains that are perfectly happy to accommodate you and your furry friends. While some may charge a small fee, others will charge a not-so-small fee, however, some won’t require a fee at all!  

Below, we have listed the most popular hotel chains that allow cats. However, despite this, make sure to check with management to ensure your four-legged friend can stay. 

1. Super 8

With more than 2,000 hotels around the world, Super 8 is a massive hotel chain with some branches welcoming both cats and dogs with a small fee between $5 to $20 a night. 

That being said, not all their locations allow pets, therefore, before making any bookings, make sure to read up on their pet policies. 

2. Kimpton Hotels

The Kimpton Hotels are known across the USA, Mexico, and Canada as being one of the most accommodating hotels for your pets, regardless of their size! 

The best part? You aren’t required to pay an additional fee upon arrival with your pet. Plus, if you’re looking for pet-friendly activities, such as groomers, parks, and boutiques, the hotel can offer a range of recommendations to help. 

3. Red Roof Inns

With over 580 hotels worldwide, including Brazil, the USA, and Japan, the Red Roof Inn allows cats to stay free of charge. 

However, remember that you’re only allowed one cat per room. According to the policy, your cat has to be well-behaved and under control during your stay. 

Moreover, owners aren’t allowed to leave their pets unattended over long periods of time in the room. 

4. Radisson

If you’re traveling with your furry friend, then the Radisson is another comfy place to check out.

However, that being said, this chain doesn’t include a standardized policy, depending on the location, their pet policy differs. Hence, it’s best to contact the hotel before making a booking. 

Depending on your chosen hotel location, they usually require a clean-up fee of $25 per stay when staying with your pet. 

In addition, only pets weighing under 40 lbs are permitted to stay in the hotel. 

5. Marriott

Another popular hotel branch to consider when taking your fluffy friend on vacation is the Courtyard by Marriott. 

Across the U.S., this popular hotel chain provides over 1,500 pet-friendly locations – perfect for those traveling with pets. 

Don’t Assume All Hotels Share The Same Policy

Oftentimes, different hotel chains will have different policies depending on a specific location. For instance, what you may be allowed to do at one hotel location, you may not be allowed to do at another. 

Therefore, the best advice we could give is to not assume that all hotels share the same policies. 

Instead, before making any bookings, it is best to call up the hotel and confirm whether or not your pet is allowed to stay. Not only will this provide you with some peace of mind, but it will also ensure you aren’t turning up at the hotel just to be turned away again. 

You could consider going camping with your cat instead!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re planning on taking your cat on vacation or are simply curious about the different policies, you should know that while some hotels allow cats, others do not. 

Plus, this can also be dependent on location to the location of hotel chains. While one hotel may allow cats, the same, but in another location, won’t.

Therefore, the best thing to do is always double-check before making any reservations.